How could you visualise privacy in a small logo or icon?

Boosts very much appreciated.

It's for a small icon for personal use, but when I look for privacy images online, I see more security related icons. They don't necessarily reflect what I find important aspects of privacy, such as autonomy and knowing what's happening under the hood. Now that's probably also quite hard to put into an icon, but hey, that's why I'm asking :D


Thanks a lot for the reactions and boosts! This is clearly not easy, so feel free to share new ideas!

This might relate to the issue I'm having that for people who are not really into sustainability, it's easier to convince them with arguments and let them change behaviour, than for people who are not into privacy, to convince them it's important and change behaviour. It seems it's a lot harder to show / see negative effects of no privacy, than show / see that the climate is going nuts. Hmmm..

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