iNaturalist has an app which you can use to scan any animal or plant with your phone. It is called Seek and I honestly think it's amazing! While scanning, or after you've made a picture, it will try to determine the species. You can also send your pictures to the iNaturalist community to help wildlife conservation or let others try to determine your animal / plants species.

It's Pokémon Go, but then the real deal! You look for flora and fauna!


Anyone interested in this should also check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's citizen science app Ebird and their ID app Merlin. Unfortunately the data from iNaturalist is largely not useable by researchers for various reasons. Ebird, on the other hand, if used well provides researchers with quality data, which is available for anyone to use upon request.

You should still use iNaturalist too because it's fun and you learn stuff.

#OpenScience #CitizenScience #OpenData

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