We are, a lot of us, a great deal sadder, more anxious, more incomplete and more restless than we really need to be because of something very large that is missing from our lives. What’s worse, we don’t even know what this thing is and how much we crave it, because we don’t have the right concepts, experience or encouragement to help us locate it. What we long for and are slowly dying without is: community.



To me, this is a fascinating essay. It provides insight why I put so much value in beloging to communities. The University of Twente community, the KIVI Engineering Society community, my 10-people student house, the fediverse community (you), the dataviz community (Data Visualisation Society), the Dutch Mud Men OCR community and so on.

It also gives me insight in why I've changed so much since high school. Back then, I just didn't find the right communities for me!

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