Wonderful to see so many people join the fediverse from . Welcome to the future of interoperable and decentralised social networks :)


I hope that this will also lead to more 'general public' switching, because I think that's the one reason why the fediverse is not as decentralised as it could (and should) be.

So think about what kind of rules you want to abide to, then join a corresponding instance, or create one with others!

Greetings from Twente, the Netherlands :)

@Erik thank you. Most of the Indian folk joining are leftist or liberal and they’re just fed up of the constant abuse hate and even threats and notices from govt for posting critical views on government or Modi with twitter India taking zero action on them.

@Erik hello! I see so many media orgs in India coming here too. More content = more conversation! I hoping we can convince some of these media orgs to do the right thing and run their own instance

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