Question, please help 🙂
For the lonely granny's that are not tech-savvy enough to work with a laptop or a tablet, what is a good and safe setup to allow for videocalls?

Own ideas:
#1 Laptop with teamviewer, where the granny is in a secure jitsi-room continously and family can join with a password

#2 Viewclix?

#3 Komp?

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@Erik I guess one of these video Alexa things would do the job as they are voice controlled and (kind of) reliable. I know: Privacy?! Amazon?! But it works. At least for my patents it does. And perhaps there is an open source echo show clone for raspberry or similar?

Many opinions on what is "good and safe". And many grandparents with different capabilities. I think the Viewclix looks made with love and functionally superior, but they say very little about security.

Considering what happened with Zoom, we should take their promises with a healthy pinch of salt.

I was very glad to have found this, enabling me to finally understand a bit better how these apps work:

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