Which chat-client are you going to recommend to your friends and family?

In my humble opinion Signal and the Element are the only two real alternatives currently, and I will recommend to install both.


Thanks for the 80 replies. 10 people here would recommend both, 47 Signal, and 23 Element.

Also thanks for the text replies!

People say frequently that Signal is easier to handle than Element. I think they have different use cases, but I do agree.

@sexybiggetje@mastodon.socYou shared that Signal does not store your phone number. Do you know how that works?

@bsm You shared that Telegram is not really an option if you want security and privacy. Could you substantiate that with sources? :)

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@Erik @sexybiggetje that‘s correct. So the server just search for the same hashed phone number, but not the number itself. So the metadata is at a extreme low level.

#Telegram: the last thing, that wasn‘t really pleasant was, that Telegram is always able to locate - they know you‘re exact home address. If wanna read (just in German) some more: kuketz-blog.de/telegram-sicher

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