Is there already a LinkedIn alternative connected to the fediverse? That's a professional social network I don't want to go without at the moment. I'm also curious at the design challenges you might face when designing a federated version of LinkedIn.

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@Erik I did think about that too. I stopped using Linkedin a few years ago. I wonder if it would help. A lot of users tend to send out spam for their products or companies so I imagine it will not work on the Fediverse. Maybe someone is able to prove me wrong

@Erik with twitter clones you share status updates with the federated servers. So you publish. With linkedin you keep your contact info secret except for a few individuals. So you restrict info. I think they’re opposite objectives. Federated LinkedIn is like sharing a database but still controlling access. I think you need the object-capabilities work to be finished. However, with the same solution you can then also replace sites like ‘’.

@gidi Hmm that makes sense. So do you think ideally this would be a page with information on your own domain (possibly with certain parts just for 'connections') or similarly a SOLID pod with some attributes that you share with specific people?

@Erik yes, and especially how it would handle 2nd and 3rd level connections would be interesting…

A lot of solutions in the Fedi world are enabling you to create groups in which you can enlist people. I think @gidi is right but that would take the idea to what it is, not to what it could be. If I would be trying to find work or staff then I would be interested in getting a list of people who are capable of doing xyz. I would love it if I see that certain people would have endorsed them for it. But isn't that what the Fedi world isn't about?

We share info and we try not to judge people, If we like them or their work then we interact and might even have some kind of working relation.

Linkedin was mostly a list of people you somehow know by visiting a conference or from a working experience. I could endorse several people in the Fedi World since I know their past/present jobs and I have even worked with some of them. The biggest problem I see is that people will try to get endorsed for a higher rate.

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Attempts are being made to build a decentralized, privacy friendly business network: @flockingbird
Whether ActivityPub is used here, I do not know.

@trianderror @Erik @hansw @gidi

It uses ActivityPub. Well not yet, because we're only proof of concepting the federation yet.

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