A nice article by @waag on the Signal Switch:

Exactly how I feel about it:
"As we do find better apps, we can add to their value by using them, and by encouraging others to do the same. "

They also refer to their Public Stack project:
Which was actually part of @aral last Small is Beautiful stream, where Sander van der Waal (Waags research director) was invited to talk about it.

The Small is Beautiful episode:

@Erik @waag ik maakte vorig jaar een wandelingtje door de public stack om het te vergeljken met mijn eigen gebruik van tools.

@ton @Erik @waag
Voor videoconferencies zou ik nog #BigBlueButton willen noemen. We hebben sinds begin december ons eigen server gehuurd, en het werkt prima. BBB heeft ook geen eigen client of login nodig (maar login kan wanneer het gewenst is).

@Erik @waag @aral

Small correction to that article:
»Signal can also access your contacts to let you know who has the app and who doesn’t.«
Signal (the app) accesses the adress book, but Signal (the organisation) does not. The app only sends hashes of phone numbers, which are not stored after the comparison.

I really hate that nowadays Ts&Cs (and Android permission settings!) are treating a piece of software synonymous with its creator, and people are getting used to it.

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