A fascinating webinar with Carissa Véliz on her book "Privacy is Power":

An important quote:
"Privacy is collective. This myth about it being personal or individual is completely misleading"

This is why *we* should walk the talk, practice what we preach and lead by example.

The role for the legislator in a nutshell: 'People first'!
1) Ban trade in personal data
2) Implement a duty of care to whoever wants to collect or manage personal data.
3) Ban personalised content


Went and looked up other stuff from Carissa Véliz, and found this podcast:

I find it interesting and encouraging that more and more people realize that privacy is required for democracy, find proper scientific evidence, and are becoming more vocal about it.
Also nice to have confirmation that clear-name policies are bullshit.

I'm less thrilled by her idea of a UN body for pseudonyms, though. Central management means single point of failure.

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