Veritasium on light bulbs, obsolescence and repairability: "This is why we can't have nice things"

Cory Doctorow has some good ideas on how it's true conspiracies like this. That have so eroded peoples trust in our institutions and government that you get all kinds of (not real) conspiracy theories.

It's our failing systems, not Facebooks mind control rays, that got us a spike in conspiracy thinking.

Personally I think our covid related isolation also played a role in radicalizing people.


I really hoped, that he was finally going to tiscuss the technical elephant in the room: The filament has only two design variables: Thickness and length.

The efficiency is directly tied to temperature, and lifetime depends on temperature and thickness. But at constant grid voltage, you need constant current for constant power, which also depends on thickness and length to achieve. This means that there is a direct trade-off between lifetime and efficiency.


I would *love* to hear a proper technical explanation from someone who has designed light bulbs (because my opinion is based only on elementary physics and generic engineering knowledge), but I suspect that those 2000h lightbulbs in the 1920s produced way less light less efficiently than the standard "modern" ones.

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