An interesting study of an important skill: critical ignoring.

I think I check external sources all the time. If I read something new about a certain topic, I look for someone I know has specialised in that topic and ask if it's true.

Is this a luxury you only have if you are in an environment of scientists?

It's very valuable to know someone well enough so that you can (almost) blindly trust them in their domain. You can't be an expert in everything.


Also, I guess that the popularity of conspiracy theories shows what happens when you don't educate people with the skill to assess the trustworthiness of the source of information?

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@Erik another cause for conspiracy theories is governments not being honest to most of the time. Take our fine prime minister Mark Rutte for instance. He is most likely the most trusted liar in the Netherlands. It is nearly impossible to not come up with conspiracies when talking about the things he has misdone to our country.

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