Interesting, what are your plans with the mastodon takeout? :)

I saw your boost about the Mastodon Archive Tool. I've used another tool before, where similar tools are also listed on the bottom of the about page:

For my thesis I might be working with a tool that shows visualisations for exports for mainstream services: transparency-vis.vx.igd.fraunh

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@Erik Thanks for the links!

I was just trying to fish out an old toot of mine. I thought I could just grep it on the command line, but a lot of results came out. Turns ot *all* of them came out, because it was a single line of JSON.

Also the way media is stored is way too hierarchical, preferably one shouldn't need a tool to view files in the media_attachments/ folder of the takeout.

@meena @Erik (grep -C 4 was good enough to include toot links in my case, btw)

@cadadr @Erik im sure there's a vom way to do this with just jq, but jq reminds me too much of XSLT to be able to wrap my head around it

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