Great article in the Guardian:

Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen.

"[...] when people believe they are doing several things at once, they are actually juggling. “They’re switching back and forth. They don’t notice the switching because their brain sort of papers it over to give a seamless experience of consciousness, but what they’re actually doing is switching and reconfiguring their brain moment-to-moment, task-to-task – [and] that comes with a cost.”

@Erik While it describes a holistic approach IMHO it is also a bit "can't do anything about it, lets change everything". Personally I like the flow-stuff because this is where I can connect and I think getting myself to flow is a goal I can achieve with some changes to my direct environment, yet I don't have to change the world first.
@Erik Additionally, I encounter a lot of the described challenges also with familiy life. That's the very reason, child-care and homeoffice work don't go together well I suppose.

For the latter there are plenty of howtos (close the door, timebox, ...) which could be also used with our mobes.
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