Any reason to join the is a good one. For microblogging, join . Video creator? Join ! Into pictures? Join ! Into books? Join ! Do you organise events? Join !

You can subscribe to all of those services from one account. It's like following Instagram (Zuck), YouTube (Brin and Page) and Goodreads (Bezos) accounts from Twitter (Musk)!

Publish-subscribe at its finest, brought to you by the :

@Erik you can follow all these accounts from mastodon and pixelfed oder Pleroma I guess. With mobilizon you can not follow a #funkwhale channel, and If you could, you wouldn't get any content. As you can not receive #peertube content via a funkwhale account oder a #gancio account. The impression that you could do everything with one account on one plattform is missleading.
But yeah, #fediverse is cool

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