Oehh tempting: Interrail 50-year anniversary - 50% off for 1-,2- or 3-month global pass if you buy a ticket before May 11!


€252 for 1 month of unlimited train travel through Europe sounds great. Where would you go though? Does anyone have tips / recommendations? Has anyone here tried interrailing for a month? Feel free to share your interrail travel plans :D

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@Erik That it is possible to make use of the #Interrail ticket in the next 11 months and they even offer a 85% refund in case you won't be able to use it in this period should not go unnoticed ☝️🔝

@totoroot @Erik Have to correct you here: This sale is NOT refundable.

It's still a very good deal, but you have to know the risk.

@Erik I envy you for living in NL. You can probably leave the country for a few Euros and even make more than one trip.

I think it's best in Germany since there are no reservations required in High speed rail.
Sadly I'm German, so the next best thing might be Italy with a 10€ fee per reservation.
French TGV might be expensive, but you could make good use of the regional trains.

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