Very interesting research:

"Users' email addresses are exfiltrated to tracking, marketing and analytics domains before form submission and before giving consent"

-> yes, you read that right, before form submission.

This is an example of how the intransparency of the digital world leads to a huge between normal people and corporations.

Source: NOS

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"In a follow-up investigation, we found that Meta (formerly, Facebook) and TikTok collect hashed personal information from web forms even when the user does not submit the form and does not give consent."

Interesting! I'm not surprised though. It's fairly common to not follow GDPR and to collect user data without consent.
Also, in Norway our DPA's interpretation is still that cookie consent is not necessary since it can be disabled in most browsers.

@Erik Note also the comment by a Bruna spokesperson about them not doing this.

I went ahead and checked. The result will shock you. (Not.)

@Erik This is what I like about working on Firefox Relay: we're actively helping people to avoid being cross-referenced across sites through their email address.

@Erik Hopefully Volt can do something about it in the future though! Sadly with them having moved from WhatsApp to _Discord_, I doubt they have any care for protecting user data...

I'm still salty about it and I refuse to start using Discord for them

@bart Ah yea I also don't use Discord. I connect with Volters mainly through Signal, Matrix and e-mail at the moment :)

@Erik There are other Volters using Matrix? 😱 There isn't any group chat by any chance?

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