A fantastic panel of 5 stars at day 1 of the @pubconf, !

Melanie Rieback, CEO at non-profit Radically Open Security: "Business is one of the most effective forms of activism".

@daphnemuller, support lead at @nextcloud: "We are the European alternative for Microsoft and Google, who don't collect your data!"

Rik Viergever from MURENA ( @efoundation ).
"We offer ethical software, accessible for the general public."

Agnes Crepet, head of IT and software longevity at @Fairphone:
"We don't want to be the only brand who makes a fair phone. Tesla, Volvo & Google also joined our fair cobalt alliance!"

Tin Geber, strategy director at Greenhost: "A result of marketing yourself as an ethical company is that within the company, every tiny choice is discussed to see if it aligns with our values."

@Erik heb ik je nou gemist vandaag in de Zwijger? Jammer, had je graag in persoon een keer ontmoet. Morgen kan ik er niet bij zijn helaas.

@Erik Met gemist bedoel dat we allebei aanwezig waren maar onze paden zich niet gekruist hebben.

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