The mastodon.utwente server will go down (see, so I will move my account within the next month. Usually, when moving accounts you only move followers and following. Is there any way to move my toots to a new account, or is there a pretty webviewer of a mastodon archive so that I can publish (a selection of) my old public toots, from my exported archive, on my website? Thanks in advance (:

@sl007 SNT is 'Student Net Twente': and LISA (Library, ICT Services & Archive) is the relevant department of the university:

It is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. I don't want to promote a service ( in this case) that is not stable and maintained by a decent system administrator, the UT uses the low amount of users as an argument not to spend time / money on it, which also makes sense :)

I'm not a Mastodon user myself, but I believe you can export/import your toots via a JSON file.

@Erik @krinkle I do believe that @SuricrasiaOnline has some kind of tool for converting a mastodon export file into a navigable static site?

@Erik seems like this could easily be saved by just being hosted by a service like @mastohost or similar at a very nominal fee and then 200+ people who probably wont move in time won't have their accounts deleted

@liaizon @mastohost

Mm, I imagine I would have to pay for it, as the university is not interested, so I'd rather invite people to move to my own server at and maybe invite people to contribute and build a community there. I also think they don't want to have it on the UT domain anymore if it is not hosted on-premise. Maybe some day another person within the UT might set it up again, but that's not going to be me (:

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