"In a kitchen at the Rotterdam School of Management, a dozen students are huddled around a stove, learning to cook imaginative vegetarian meals. They use produce from local organic farms as a way to reduce their consumption of wasteful takeaways."


Business schools shift to a more sustainable future.

Sounds good πŸ™‚

:utwente: University of Twente artists! You can now convince the arts & games associaton Apollo that you can paint something beautiful. If you do, you get paint and brushes at the Apollo room in the Bastille and you can claim a spot on this wall :-)

Zou dit ook een gevolg zijn van het leenstelsel? Hoeveel studenten met een torenhoge lening gaan dit toch even be jij? Zou ik als student cam model ook over privacy mogen filosoferen voor geld? Vragen...

iNaturalist has an app which you can use to scan any animal or plant with your phone. It is called Seek and I honestly think it's amazing! While scanning, or after you've made a picture, it will try to determine the species. You can also send your pictures to the iNaturalist community to help wildlife conservation or let others try to determine your animal / plants species.

It's PokΓ©mon Go, but then the real deal! You look for flora and fauna!


Zo, na lange tijd weer eens een voetbalwedstrijd gezien. Heracles - Heerenveen, in Erve Asito. Bedankt voor de uitnodiging, Heracles Almelo! :twente:

Twente present bij de Pride in Amsterdam!

Met de boot van Stonewall CafΓ© Enschede!

:twente: β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

Visited the Apenheul for the first time. It was amazing! Here some pictures from just after the gorillas went inside (they are on their own huge island during the day) Very impressive to stand right next to Bao Bao, the leader of the group.

Wow! Exhib_ID at the :utwente:!
An open exhibition in the Vrijhof building of the University of Twente, by our Industrial Design students! Open until the end of this week (21 juni)


Wow! Cool visualisation of the buildings of Enschede! :twente:

Red: Built around 1850
Blue: Built recently

DRAN 2019
Festival voor de democratie

Met één van mijn grote politieke idolen, Jan Terlouw!

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