Wow! Cool visualisation of the buildings of Enschede! :twente:

Red: Built around 1850
Blue: Built recently

DRAN 2019
Festival voor de democratie

Met één van mijn grote politieke idolen, Jan Terlouw!

Concert by robots playing drums and guitars.. Check! The band is called Compressorhead :P

The left one, called Fingers, actually has 78 fingers.. No wonder it can play so fast!

De marketing van de UT is nog niet altijd effectief. Waarom staat hier niemand bij? Zonde! Ook een student zou al het verschil maken! Bij Stork! in Hengelo :)

@utwente , @Atilla_Kerpisci , waren er geen studenten nanotechnologie te vinden? ;) Nu moest ik net een verhaaltje improviseren bij bezoekers die meer wilden weten!

En @designlab zou hier misschien ook niet misstaan, als moderne versie van de Twentse maakindustrie?

Competition :
Design a cartoon about the flying Spaghetti Monster and receive a cash prize of at least €300!
Which designer in the fediverse can best ridiculise His ?

@Curator , do you know someone? :)


Toot toot!

:utwente: :twente:
YES! Electric Superbike Twente finishes first in their first MotoE race! Congratulations!

And before, the short version of a trip to Denmark :)

1: Jens Olsens world clock
2: me collecting shells, finding this in the car. Threw it back when we got off the island :)
3: Looks familiar? :)
4: Amazing Viking village in Ribe!

@hiemstra challenged me for posting black and white photos of my life, every day for one week. Accepted, I like it!
No captions and no people, I can do that :)


Nice idea @hiemstra, black and white photos of your life! Not sure if I want to do it everyday, since I'm on holiday :)


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