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Very interesting episode: Carissa Véliz on How to Improve Online Speech with Pseudonymity


Cranked up podcast speeds from 1,25 to 1,30 :) Antennapod is really convenient!

Mikko Hyppönen at the opening of the Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR):
"Data is the new uranium. Information can be explosive for decades"

is not only focusing on technical Cyber Security, but also on the social and political aspects. Good to hear! ;-)

Good to see ~250 people join this opening. I'm really excited to see Twente taking the initiative in the field of Cyber Security!


The Netherlands is the first EU-country to label the human rights violations to Uyghurs in China as genocide. That's about time. But still, it's an important first step in the process.

For completeness, Canada and the United States of America already put out similar statements before.

David Fernandez Rivas heeft een andere droom werkelijkheid gemaakt. Stel je even voor dat er geen naalden meer nodig zijn om medicijnen toe te dienen. David heeft dat gerealiseerd, door op een briljante manier kleine bubbeltjes met een laser zo hard te versnellen dat ze gewoon door je huid gaan. Geniaal!

Stemmen kan via:

Op wie stem jij? :)

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Rob Dijcker werkt bij Witteveen+Bos aan een ontwerpmethodiek die de circulaire manier van denken een realiteit maakt. Dit is het onderwerp waar ik persoonlijk het meeste affiniteit mee heb, en ik vind het supermooi om te zien dat Rob de toekomstdromen van de klimaatstakende jongeren (en ouderen) omzet in realiteit!

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Je kunt weer stemmen op de Ingenieur van het Jaar, de jaarlijkse prijs van het Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs (KIVI)!

Je kunt de 3 korte filmpjes van de deelnemers hier vinden:

Abeje Y. Mersha bouwt bij Hogeschool Saxion aan onbemande robotsystemen. Ik hoop wel dat hij ook contact heeft met privacy-experts, want hoe zeer ik ook een toekomst zie met meer drones, ik denk dat we een samenleving met overal camera's niet moeten willen.

A fascinating webinar with Carissa Véliz on her book "Privacy is Power":

An important quote:
"Privacy is collective. This myth about it being personal or individual is completely misleading"

This is why *we* should walk the talk, practice what we preach and lead by example.

The role for the legislator in a nutshell: 'People first'!
1) Ban trade in personal data
2) Implement a duty of care to whoever wants to collect or manage personal data.
3) Ban personalised content

Nieuw licht: Het Rijksmuseum en de slavernij

Wat een fantastische documentaire!

Quote van Daniel Poolen: "Het legt prachtig vast hoe een team dat een betere afspiegeling is van de samenleving betere beslissingen maakt. Het gaat niet over goed of fout zijn, maar het inzicht krijgen dat een thema, object of product door verschillende mensen anders wordt bekeken en ervaren. Die kennis opdoen, delen en toepassen levert een nog beter product voor een nog breder publiek."

Now live: Noam Chomsky – Neoliberalism, Democracy and the Climate Crisis

By the Oxford Climate Society

Mass-abuse in Xinjiang 

For these people, 'hell on earth' continues. It will probably continue for years, and I don't want to just keep sharing news articles about rape and abuse. How can you do something about this?

China has so much potential and so much great culture and history, why are they doing these kind of things?

Denying these atrocities decimates their credibility as a new world leader, right?

When you look at all China's accomplishments: is this worth it?

Yeeaah 🤩, Dutchies are getting hyped about ice skating on 'real ice' or as we call it here! In the pictures are Gary Hekman and Irene Schouten, our champions marathon ice skating! Gary became the Dutch national champion in Enschede last year, and Irene has won every Dutch Championship of the ice skating marathon since 2016!

Of course, the debate about the pandemic immediately arises. I think the mental health benefits for everyone watching from home will easily outweigh the risks ;-)

That was great! I hosted an *unconference* session in =)

With 49 participants, we had an interesting discussion on how we can improve data literacy. We talked about education, misinformation, objectivity vs subjectivity and much more!

I think it’s an important part of the broader task to improve ‘digital literacy’. Empowering people will be an important factor in reducing inequality in our increasingly digital society, and an essential factor for having a functional democracy.

A nice article by @waag on the Signal Switch:

Exactly how I feel about it:
"As we do find better apps, we can add to their value by using them, and by encouraging others to do the same. "

They also refer to their Public Stack project:
Which was actually part of @aral last Small is Beautiful stream, where Sander van der Waal (Waags research director) was invited to talk about it.

The Small is Beautiful episode:

Very excited for :D

An amazing speaker lineup:

I'm hosting an *unconference* session myself on how to improve data literacy =)

Currently live: Caroline Goulard from, on: "The Power of Data Viz Over Black Boxes"

An interesting insight:
"Technology is still designed to limit us instead of empower us"
-> this is exactly why I am not very enthusiastic about the covid-tracing app:

Uighur genocide in China 

Genocide and systematic rape

"You may find some of the details in this story distressing."

I do. That's why I share it.

"Some of the women who were taken away from the cells at night were never returned, Ziawudun said. Those who were brought back were threatened against telling others in the cell what had happened to them."

... "rape was common" and the guards "picked the girls and young women they wanted and took them away".

What the HELL?

*Sigh*. The app is removed from Google Play. These kind of things, as well as the Signal outage, are not helping efforts to help people switch to better messaging alternatives. It is a nice illustration of centralisation of power though.

Erg leuk om uitgenodigd te worden voor het keukentafelgesprek van Willem-Jan en Tom. We gingen in gesprek met Pieter van Zwanenburg, wethouder in Hof van Twente. Ja, dat is inderdaad die gemeente die gehackt is en nee, daar hebben we het niet over gehad ;-)

Op hun website mocht ik me ook nog even kort voorstellen als sidekick:

Wat vind jij van het gesprek? Laat het vooral weten :-)

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