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In the fantastic ending keynote of , Lokke Moerel says is the key foundation for digital sovereignty.

I couldn't agree more!

Have you already tried , and ?

Geert Jan gaf een jaar geleden een fascinerende lezing op de UT. Tijdens onze fietstocht terug naar Hengelo heeft hij, naast briljant klimaatwetenschapper, ook als mens een een diepe indruk op me gemaakt door zijn enorme gedrevenheid.

Zijn lezing over de attributie van weersextremen aan klimaatverandering:

De TIME-website:

Afghanistan: The Wounded Land

Een fantastische documentaire.

Alle afleveringen zijn hier te vinden:

Soms is het genoeg om te leren, en niet te oordelen of een mening te geven.

A fantastic documentary.

Sometimes it's enough to learn, and abstain from judging or giving an opinion.

I'm not sure where you can watch it in other places, but here is the release info on IMDB:

At 28 September, a great lineup of speakers will talk about the future of rail in Europe:
- Wil van Roij (technical - board KIVI Rail)
- John Voppen (organisational - CEO ProRail)
- Diederik Samsom (politics & diplomacy - Cabinet Frans Timmermans - European Commission)


When: Tuesday 28 September 2021 19:30 - 21:00

Language: English

YouTube livestream & recording afterwards via

The digitarian society, sounds like just my kind of society :-)

An interesting presentation and discussion tonight, organised by Tetem ( with Roos Groothuizen ( and Geert-Jan Bogaerts from PublicSpaces (

Tetem is actually in Enschede, where I live, apparently already since 2018. I have to know a bit more about them!

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), combined with oxygen production & rain water collection.

Wonderful education: the quantified tree!

Ik word treurig van de berichten over overstromingen in BelgiΓ«, Duitsland en Limburg.

Maar @nos, ik mis iets belangrijks. Ik mis een grote rode balk bovenaan de NOS-website die zegt dat we middenin de klimaatcrisis zitten. Dat we dit veel vaker gaan zien.

Ik mis een klimaatdashboard. Ik mis adviezen van het Climate Crisis Management Team.

Het Rode Kruis roept al jaren: De klimaatcrisis is een wereldwijde humanitaire crisis.

Na rampen slaan mensen op de vlucht. Maar er is maar één aarde...

Beautiful, how a coastline 100 million years ago influences modern election results :)

These maps tell a story, of geology, urbanisation & progress!

Via @duncangeere

The first attached image is one of the most popular 'Our World in Data'-charts. It shows food emissions by stage of the supply chain for different products.

Hannah Ritchi, head of research at Our World in Data, created an interactive version of this chart to facilitate easier analysis:

Actually the whole page is very useful to compare the environmental impact of food sources!

I attached some of the other charts below.

(as seen at @yuri :)

26-5-2021: The Dutch court just ordered Royal Dutch Shell to reduce their net CO2e-emissions by 45% before the end of 2030.

The reference year is 2019, where they emitted ~70 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent (chart 1,

This means Shell will have to reduce their emissions to ~31,5 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent before 2030 (chart 2).

Court ruling in English:

Webpage 'milieudefensie' (English):

How will 2020 be remembered?

You might be tempted to think of the pandemic. But scientists knew it was coming, and if we don't change our relation with nature, it won't be special in a few decades.

It was the year of Black Lives Matter. George Floyd was murdered on May 25th 2020. By a racist. But institutional racism means that society can be racist, even if no individual would act racist.

All of us, especially those in IT, have to actively work on equality to make .

I plan to only share job opportunities from non-profits, NGOs and governmental organisations =)

I just saw a job opening at Radically Open Security (a non-profit CybSec consultancy firm, see screenshot).

Also, there are multiple open positions at the /e/-foundation:

For those people who think improving our society is more important than just making money =)

Feel free to suggest similar awesome organisations!

Upcoming webinar: Paul Behrens from Leiden University.

I have met Paul at one of the online S4F meetings, and I really think this is going to be interesting!

University page:

"His environmental research has appeared in leading scientific journals and his work on science communication has appeared in The New York Times, Scientific American, and the BBC."

Info on his book:

"I believe we should focus on how to live with nature, rather than determining where nature lives. And that’s where spatial planning can play a role."

Original paper:
"Human footprint and protected areas shape elephant range across Africa"

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