Nu live: Een lezing en Q&A met David Fernandez Rivas, de winnaar van de Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs 2021, over zijn onderzoek naar injecties zonder naalden!

Stel vooral vragen in de chat =)

I'm really looking forward to tonight's Campus Talks about Cyber Security :)

Live at 19:30 CEST:

Also, I'm looking for a suitable PeerTube instance to publish my contributions to Campus Talks, a column on data visualisation called 'Show me the Data!'. Feel free to send suggestions :)

An inspiring message from an inspiring scientist:

"Out in the forest you learn about the interconnection of all the forms of life, how every little species of animal and plant in the forest has a role to play."

Until recently I lived on the campus of the University of Twente, where my home was surrounded by trees. That was actually the reason why I chose :-) It was great to be able to start forest walks and runs from my doorstep!

Gefeliciteerd David Fernandez Rivas met de Prins Friso Ingenieursprijs 2021! Wat gaaf dat de prijs dit jaar naar een onderzoeker van de Universiteit Twente gaat =D

Davids website:

Welcome @designlab to the fediverse, and specifically to the University of Twente instance (:utwente: )! I'm looking forward to see updates of the inspiring events happening at the Designlab!

Awesome projects by the second year students of the bachelor Creative Technology at the University of Twente!

Featuring four members of 'Orkest van het Oosten'!

Toot 2/2

:utwente:, @proto

Awesome projects by the second year students of the bachelor Creative Technology at the University of Twente!

Toot 1/2

:utwente:, @proto

Some higher quality pictures, to give an impression of the :datavizcamp: SDG DataVizCamp :datavizcamp: at the :utwente: University of Twente :utwente: this week!

Featuring, amongst others: Frederik Ruys, Maarten Lambrechts (@maarten) , Tariq Khokhar, Filip de Blois, Steffan GΓ³mez and Yuri Engelhardt (@yuri) !

Berry Gerrits on privacy, social media and distributed systems at !

A lot of other interesting speakers will follow! Watch the livestream at

A very interesting talk and forum at the , by the Vice president of the European Commission.

Vanavond is het weer tijd voor de Batavierenrace!

Ik loop mee met:

- 1 Student Union, etappe 1 (6.1 km, Nijmegen Centrum, 22:30)
- 20 Inter-Actief, etappe 15 (9.4 km, Wolfersveen, ochtend)
- 112 Braxis, etappe 22 (10.7 km, Bentelo, middag)

Aanmoediging tijdens de race, en kuitmassages achteraf, zijn welkom!

Daarnaast, wie heeft de gouden tip om de spieren warm te houden in het busje?

, ,

According to, Mastodon is the #1 Social Network, so I'll definitely become active here! Well done @hiemstra for setting this up!
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