@zleap You might be able to get some inspiration on upgrader.gapminder.org. On the other hand, giving out certificates is not really in the decentralised spirit :P

Because everyone has their own interpretation of how it should be used etc.

If you're setting something up, I'd rather focus on sharing knowledge, so creating a wiki with experts of people in the whole stack of fediverse technology, from digital rights activists to scientists to mods to sysadmins to code contributors?

Kijk bijvoorbeeld eens op tukkers.online als je je afvraagt hoe dat werkt. Maak vooral een account aan als je geΓ―nteresseerd bent!

3 belangrijke eigenschappen:
- Decentralisatie
- Interoperabiliteit
- Vrije software

Vragen? Stel ze vooral op tukkers.online =)

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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Weer een uitstekende video van NOS op 3. Aanrader!
Het besluit van Twitter om Donald eraf te gooien zal nog veel opvolging krijgen, met als eindpunt meer digitale soevereiniteit voor gebruikers zelf.

Video NOS:

Zelf een sociaal netwerk opbouwen? Dat klinkt misschien ver weg, maar daar ben ik al zo'n 2,5 jaar mee bezig. Nadenken over hoe het beter kan werkt beter als je meerdere perspectieven hebt, en 'the fediverse' biedt mij in ieder geval één briljant perspectief.

@yuri Very cool visualisation! I had to look up what Christopher Street Day is, I read it's an event similar to Pride Amsterdam. Also cool to see the huge bubble surrounding the climate strike in september 2019. Would love to see something like this for the Netherlands too πŸ˜‡

@gidi Hmm that makes sense. So do you think ideally this would be a page with information on your own domain (possibly with certain parts just for 'connections') or similarly a SOLID pod with some attributes that you share with specific people?

Is there already a LinkedIn alternative connected to the fediverse? That's a professional social network I don't want to go without at the moment. I'm also curious at the design challenges you might face when designing a federated version of LinkedIn.

@Gargron Mastodon has provided me a first step in more digital sovereignty. It is very refreshing to have a timeline that you can fully control.

Moving to Mastodon felt like moving into a new village. You start with an empty timeline, and you have to actively work on your first connections.

After some initial effort, you are rewarded with meeting interesting people. They welcome you in their communities, and you can keep on discovering amazing people through the messages they boost!

@aral Amazing talk Aral! I'm going to share this one - a lot :)

Great to see that Bits of Freedom has already found you in 2014. Amazing that you and other human rights activists are doing so much important work to improve digital literacy.

I have immediately suggested that the UT also invites you for a guest talk!

Thanks for the 80 replies. 10 people here would recommend both, 47 Signal, and 23 Element.

Also thanks for the text replies!

People say frequently that Signal is easier to handle than Element. I think they have different use cases, but I do agree.

@sexybiggetje@mastodon.socYou shared that Signal does not store your phone number. Do you know how that works?

@bsm You shared that Telegram is not really an option if you want security and privacy. Could you substantiate that with sources? :)

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@meneer Ik vond Riot juist dramatisch, maar Element vind ik wel mooi. Ik ken geen betere client voor Matrix, en op hun website raden ze ook Element aan: matrix.org/try-now/

Ik vind de UI van Element best wel intuΓ―tief, ook al gebruik ik hem nog bijna nooit. Wat vind je er zelf onhandig aan? Ben wel benieuwd!

@fatboy Thanks for sharing, I'm looking for sources that have checked what exactly they are changing. It seems to differ a lot for EU and non-EU citizens due to GDPR.

@hansw @sexybiggetje Let's keep it nice :) I also don't encounter any scam problems. Can you share a concrete example / screenshot? Maybe we can help. Also, I am aware that you can get messages from people in your contact list that join Signal. This can be the source of your problems, but I'm not sure :)

@chpietsch Interesting, I don't know OMEMO. What is the client that you are recommending? :)

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