"Waarom kunnen we eigenlijk via Signal geen bericht sturen aan opa ๐Ÿ‘จ op Whatsapp of Facebook? En waarom kan dat met verschillende mailservices wel? ๐Ÿ“ฌ

Dat is een goede vraag. We praten erover met PhD-kandidaat Roel Roscam Abbing in een gesprek over en modellen."

Wow, good to hear! That's it, leading by example, and not waiting for legislation to force you doing the stuff which you know is the way to go!

@matt I hope your work wo'nt take too long! Summer is good, mainly walking + listening to podcasts, reading, sports, reducing the number of open tabs by reading and random daytrips with friends :)

RTL hacker & journalist Daniรซl Verlaan at your service, for all your fake vaccination certificates!

Technical reason? Their Google Firestore database was, well, open to the public. You could read, write and edit fields from all 60.000 people who were in the system ๐Ÿ™„

Dutch article (DeepL is your friend):

So, now is the question, do you have any hacker friends who are travelling through Europe, of whom you were already wondering how they got vaccinated so quickly? ;)

Ik word treurig van de berichten over overstromingen in Belgiรซ, Duitsland en Limburg.

Maar @nos, ik mis iets belangrijks. Ik mis een grote rode balk bovenaan de NOS-website die zegt dat we middenin de klimaatcrisis zitten. Dat we dit veel vaker gaan zien.

Ik mis een klimaatdashboard. Ik mis adviezen van het Climate Crisis Management Team.

Het Rode Kruis roept al jaren: De klimaatcrisis is een wereldwijde humanitaire crisis.

Na rampen slaan mensen op de vlucht. Maar er is maar รฉรฉn aarde...

Peter R. de Vries is overleden :'(

Je kunt dus geen misdaadjournalist zijn in een land waarin de georganiseerde misdaad te groot is. Zoals Nederland. Wat gaan we daartegen doen?


Being conscious of your own impact on the world, through every act you take (and don't take) and passing that on to others? Living a meaningful life? Finding a balance between caring for the world (altruism) and enjoying life yourself, so that your rational ambitions don't get in the way of your emotional wellbeing?

This is a conversation I would love to have in person. Thanks for making me think about it. I will also bring this up with friends and in the local S4F community :)

We still see the number of services connected to the fediverse growing, slowly but steadily :) So even when interoperability is not in a law yet, we can go on to show people how incredibly useful it is. My main fediverse experience is interacting with mastodon accounts, but I hope that I will see more and more other services popping up in my timeline!

Scientists assessed to what extent human-induced climate change made the recent heatwave hotter and more likely:

"In a world with 2ยฐC of global warming (0.8ยฐC warmer than today which at current emission levels would be reached as early as the 2040s), this event would have been another degree hotter. An event like this โ€“ currently estimated to occur only once every 1000 years, would occur roughly every 5 to 10 years in that future world with 2ยฐC of global warming"

Maybe that is the future then, not distinguishing by license type, for anything? Then it's either your code is publicly accessible and can be used in any way by anyone, or it is not accessible at all?

A very interesting topic for discussion:

"Is the work produced by a machine learning system, or even the machine learning system itself, a derivative work of the inputs to the model? (...) if the answer is โ€œnoโ€, GitHub Copilot can be used as a means of washing the GPL off of code you want to use without obeying its license. But, what if the answer is โ€œyesโ€?"

Greenwashing is very much a thing in corporate sustainability.

Is this the start of 'codewashing'?

Do you have a handle by any chance? :) I like it that you post an introduction post for someone else!

Een interessant inkijkje in de financiering van een politieke partij. Met een businessclub die diners met de volksvertegenwoordigers regelt.

Hoe kun je dit voorkomen? Zelfs als er niets is afgesproken kun je meer realiseren met meer geld (?) , en je kunt ook wel raden waar geldschieters belang bij hebben. Waardoor je wellicht meer geld krijgt en dus effectiever kunt zijn in je eigen doelen voor de lange termijn.

Er komen nog wel meer vragen in me op bij dit stuk.

I am a student at the University of Twente (in NL), but I think the major difference between those 2 is the type of education (university of applied sciences is really a different type of education than a 'regular' university). It might be good to be aware of that difference.

Song about depression, suicide, addiction and mental illness 

Thank you for sharing this video, I have not seen it earlier. It's so good that they bring stories of depression and addiction to such a podium. :)

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