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Mm, I imagine I would have to pay for it, as the university is not interested, so I'd rather invite people to move to my own server at tukkers.online and maybe invite people to contribute and build a community there. I also think they don't want to have it on the UT domain anymore if it is not hosted on-premise. Maybe some day another person within the UT might set it up again, but that's not going to be me (:

@deightonrobbie I think the pros are valid, but do not outweigh the costs. The professor that presented this part has stopped flying completely by the way, so he shares that idea. I'll post some other pictures of the presentation too.

An important and inspiring event at the University of Twente: employees, scientists and students are discussing how we are going to reduce the environmental footprint of our institution, without decreasing our societal impact.

Today, we discuss how we can pay the true price for business flights by the .

I hope the UT will implement ambitious plans to actually lead by example. And I hope others will follow.

For mitigating the , we need our institutions to change.

Free and interesting download from PBL, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency:

Visualising knowledge - Lessons from 25 years of policy-related data visualisation


NL: pbl.nl/publicaties/kennis-verb

I recommend it if you are interested in policy-making in general, as data visualisation is a key tool to lay the foundation of knowledge to build policies on!

Data visualisations can be very insightful, and provide a lot of information in an accessible way.

@wouter Cool! I sometimes use FitoTrack, which indeed has the functionality to export as GPX! If you manage to reproduce it, please tell me, then I might do it too :)

@voltenschede Ik ben benieuwd, wat wil iemand van me weten, maar niet zo graag dat ze me er gewoon naar vragen, of een mailtje / berichtje sturen? :)

Als er vragen komen beantwoord ik ze ieder geval graag. Zeker als ze met privacy, plantjes of politiek te maken hebben. Ook vragen over m'n eerste drie maanden als gemeenteraadslid in Enschede natuurlijk :)

Als iemand me uitlegt hoe werkt (het ActivityPub alternatief voor Reddit?) schrijf ik met plezier ook wat op Lemmy!

@Maristya @FediFollows @frankboehmert @JonathanMBR @FFF @chaibizi

I also follow @barijaona from Madagascar and @Sbarry8520 from Gambia.

Would be happy to expand this list, so if anyone wants to bring an existing African community onto the fediverse (from Twitter / Facebook) I would be very happy to learn about it. Or about the possible barriers.

@BourgouiseLiberal That's why I like to interact in this non people farming ecosystem so much!

Thanks again for joining the fediverse :)

@piko Yes, please send me a personal message with details of when and where (and preferably a phone number so that I can get in touch). Happy to help.

@sl007 SNT is 'Student Net Twente': snt.utwente.nl/en/ and LISA (Library, ICT Services & Archive) is the relevant department of the university: utwente.nl/en/service-portal/s

It is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. I don't want to promote a service (mastodon.utwente.nl in this case) that is not stable and maintained by a decent system administrator, the UT uses the low amount of users as an argument not to spend time / money on it, which also makes sense :)

The mastodon.utwente server will go down (see mastodon.utwente.nl/@utwente/1), so I will move my account within the next month. Usually, when moving accounts you only move followers and following. Is there any way to move my toots to a new account, or is there a pretty webviewer of a mastodon archive so that I can publish (a selection of) my old public toots, from my exported archive, on my website? Thanks in advance (:

@louce The PublicSpaces conference just finished and was really amazing: @publicspaces@publicspaces.net ? It's not only an academic conference (especially the audience is broad), but the academic track of the conference could be elaborated. Also, extending the PublicSpaces coalition outside of the Netherlands would be interesting.

All videos can be found on @publicspaces@video.publicspaces.net! The overview of the program can be found here: conference.publicspaces.net/en

Now @ !
A very interesting symposium by (Twente University Center for Cybersecurity Research) for the honorary doctorate of Jaya Baloo.

This afternoon we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the University of Twente!

There, Prof. Debra Roberts, co-chair of IPCC Working Group 2 (vulnerability of socioeconomic and natural systems to , consequences, and adaptation options), who gave a wonderful lecture yesterday, will also receive an honorary doctorate.


Yess, day 2 of !
Starting with the announcement of by Prof. Bart Jacobs and Prof. Josรฉ van Dijck!

We already had a wonderful day yesterday, I look forward to today! :-)

@Zeno Hmm it is partly this installing that's keeping me from switching fulltime to Linux. All kinds of different builds for different distributions, multiple different stores while on Windows I just download a .exe-file from anywhere. Maybe I was doing something wrong? :P

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