@rysiek Fun! This is like Lingo, a popular show on Dutch television where @VincentTunru got his airtime on Dutch tv :P

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@rysiek Heh nice analogy!

This shows that changing your behaviour is not just about reducing your personal footprint. These footprints won't show up on the CO2-footprint for your flight once the airports open up.

Through stopping or drastically reducing flying, you can internalise the crisis we are in and think about how the system has to change. Frequent fliers are responsible for keeping this system intact. And politicians who don't take the crisis seriously of course :-)

And the lowland pilot, amazing! Then there is the satin bowerbird. Ah well.

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These amazing bird calls are keeping me from going to sleep:

That's certainly a way to bring attention to endangered species.

Cockatoos sound beautiful. And how cool is the sound of the golden bowerbird!

@robertwgehl Great idea! Would be happy to help during the process. Also for people already in the fediverse bubble, having a shared vocabulary and being able to distinguish different aspects of how 'it' works and how it's different from traditional 'social media' / 'antisocial media' / platforms would be very helpful. From your elements, for now I only miss a people element. Who is / could / should be interested in it, who is already using it, why, how, etc :-)

Good luck Robert!

@feditips Could you please put this overview on a webpage? It's very useful.

Great article in the Guardian:

Your attention didnโ€™t collapse. It was stolen.


"[...] when people believe they are doing several things at once, they are actually juggling. โ€œTheyโ€™re switching back and forth. They donโ€™t notice the switching because their brain sort of papers it over to give a seamless experience of consciousness, but what theyโ€™re actually doing is switching and reconfiguring their brain moment-to-moment, task-to-task โ€“ [and] that comes with a cost.โ€

Tech from Twente: Athom brings not only European tech, but also European values to the US!


"Homey brings a veil of privacy to the US smart home market"

"The company claims it doesnโ€™t listen in or sell any customer data, nor that it uses personal information to create user profiles or targeted advertisements." ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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@1frn0 This an interesting question in general, where to point people looking for a job with purpose?

First: Send an open application to an organisation that you admire for what they do. Just with your background and CV and that you'd be happy to work for them.

Further, I tend to point friends with this question to non-profits or the government (national or municipal), or otherwise companies that are actively working to fight the climate crisis.

There is some fuss about the EU Sustainable Taxonomy. With Scientists4Future (@S4F), we organised this webinar in July:


Daniel Poolen starts with a great introduction for beginners.

The discussion panel consists of 2 other experts, Mathilde Crรชpy from ECOS and Andreas Hoepner, professor of operational risk, banking & finance.

NL: Een goede duiding op over de voorwaardelijke duurzaamheid van gas en nucleaire energie:



Talking with big software companies sounds like a different strategy than the German Sovereign Tech Fund (see bonn.social/@VictorVenema/1075 )

[...] the Open Knowledge Foundation, which proposed a fund to support "the development, scaling and maintenance of digital and foundational technologies. The goal of the fund could be to sustainably strengthen the open source ecosystem, with a focus on security, resilience, technological diversity, and the people behind the code."

Kijktip / watch tip: het prachtige interview van Janine Abbring met Yuval Noah Harari in (English):


Hoe goed ken jij jezelf? Wat zijn jouw sterktes, of belangrijker, wat zijn jouw zwaktes? Stel jij je kwetsbaar op naar anderen? Naar jezelf?

En sta jij aan het roer van je leven, of laat je je hacken door technologie? Een tijdlijn van social media wellicht? Of apps, met allemaal notificaties? Of e-mails, waarvan je denkt dat je ze allemaal moet lezen?

@cadadr Super interesting, thanks for sharing! I was waiting for something like this to put the series into a bit of cultural perspective!

Ik schrik van mijn gedachten als ik dit filmpje kijk (oh da's wel chill, dan hoef je niet je smartphone mee te nemen): youtube.com/watch?v=heX9iVGW_f

Dan realiseer ik me: dit gaat totaal de verkeerde kant op. Ik wil helemaal niet dat iedereen vooraf gecontroleerd wordt.

Mensen leven samen. In een democratie maken we samen wetten zodat dat leuk blijft. In een rechtsstaat krijg je straf als je die wetten overtreedt. Dat zou genoeg moeten zijn.

Een mooi stuk van Siri Beerends: setup.nl/reads/2021/12/van-cor

@djoerd Wow, very cool! Do you know if there are other universities in the Netherlands planning something similar? Or is it then better to join efforts via the 'Universiteiten van Nederland' (VSNU)?

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