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A very interesting topic for discussion:

"Is the work produced by a machine learning system, or even the machine learning system itself, a derivative work of the inputs to the model? (...) if the answer is β€œno”, GitHub Copilot can be used as a means of washing the GPL off of code you want to use without obeying its license. But, what if the answer is β€œyes”?"

Greenwashing is very much a thing in corporate sustainability.

Is this the start of 'codewashing'?

Do you have a handle by any chance? :) I like it that you post an introduction post for someone else!

Een interessant inkijkje in de financiering van een politieke partij. Met een businessclub die diners met de volksvertegenwoordigers regelt.

Hoe kun je dit voorkomen? Zelfs als er niets is afgesproken kun je meer realiseren met meer geld (?) , en je kunt ook wel raden waar geldschieters belang bij hebben. Waardoor je wellicht meer geld krijgt en dus effectiever kunt zijn in je eigen doelen voor de lange termijn.

Er komen nog wel meer vragen in me op bij dit stuk.

@alxd @humanetech

I don't know anyone studying at Fontys so I can't help you there!

I am a student at the University of Twente (in NL), but I think the major difference between those 2 is the type of education (university of applied sciences is really a different type of education than a 'regular' university). It might be good to be aware of that difference.

Song about depression, suicide, addiction and mental illness 

Thank you for sharing this video, I have not seen it earlier. It's so good that they bring stories of depression and addiction to such a podium. :)

I would love to make this the first open source app to which I contribute because I use it so often! I have some ideas for features I would like to see implemented myself, but I'm not sure what is the best way to start helping. I'll start reading first :)

Keep up the good work!

I love these case studies:

I wonder, will the European Championship lead more Dutch people to Brave because their logo is an orange lion? :P

@matiaslavik @datatitian

I didn't know about either of them too, so I guess the ImmersSpace team can tell you more about that, but I know that Will and the others of the ImmersSpace team have built their platform on top of Mozilla Hub and what I said in my other post about AP :)

@datatitian @matiaslavik Matias, you might also like this project! Maybe we can also have a chat via when you have time :)

I hadn't even seen Mozilla hubs before, and here they implemented ActivityPub over it so that you can follow and chat with friends across different virtual rooms! @ImmersSpace

Yeaaah hovering over the pieces didn't give me the the stroke of genius to do something against your fierce warriors there :P

Now in a video I realise that my avatar is a bit boring like this xD

But it was definitely fun to play a game of chess like that, thanks again for the game!

Beautiful, how a coastline 100 million years ago influences modern election results :)

These maps tell a story, of geology, urbanisation & progress!

Via @duncangeere

"Volgens Hoekstra verandert de memo niks aan de positie van het CDA in de kabinetsformatie."

Tot zover de politieke Antenne van Wopke...

Op de korte termijn niet, maar een CPB-directeur zegt zoiets niet zomaar op persoonlijke titel, dus ik ga ervanuit dat er ambtenaren zijn die hier goed over nagedacht hebben :)

NL: CPB-directeur: Nederland moet bitcoin en andere cryptovaluta verbieden

EN: The director of the CPB (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis) says the Netherlands should ban the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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