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Thank to Martijn (@sexybiggetje) , Erik's Link Shortener is up and running :D

For anyone else who wants to have their own easy link shortener:

Amazing! Thanks for all the other suggestions, if I find myself in times of plenty, I might look at it :P

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@djoerd , @humanetech , @Gargron , @rysiek , @aral ,

FYI, from the ending keynote of day 1 of the national Cyber Security conference organised by the Dutch NCSC.

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In the fantastic ending keynote of , Lokke Moerel says is the key foundation for digital sovereignty.

I couldn't agree more!

Have you already tried , and ?

This is my favourite video so far:

It pretty much explains (also to myself) why I do what I do :)

If there is one video you would watch today, send to your family, or share yourself, please let it be this impressive story. Thanks in advance!

Geert Jan gaf een jaar geleden een fascinerende lezing op de UT. Tijdens onze fietstocht terug naar Hengelo heeft hij, naast briljant klimaatwetenschapper, ook als mens een een diepe indruk op me gemaakt door zijn enorme gedrevenheid.

Zijn lezing over de attributie van weersextremen aan klimaatverandering:

De TIME-website:

Afghanistan: The Wounded Land

Een fantastische documentaire.

Alle afleveringen zijn hier te vinden:

Soms is het genoeg om te leren, en niet te oordelen of een mening te geven.

A fantastic documentary.

Sometimes it's enough to learn, and abstain from judging or giving an opinion.

I'm not sure where you can watch it in other places, but here is the release info on IMDB:

@hackernews A very interesting article. Is there anyone reading this who wants to formulate a response to "Stop using encrypted email"?

Tagging some people of whom I would be curious about your response :)


At 28 September, a great lineup of speakers will talk about the future of rail in Europe:
- Wil van Roij (technical - board KIVI Rail)
- John Voppen (organisational - CEO ProRail)
- Diederik Samsom (politics & diplomacy - Cabinet Frans Timmermans - European Commission)


When: Tuesday 28 September 2021 19:30 - 21:00

Language: English

YouTube livestream & recording afterwards via

@ColinTheMathmo @humanetech

By going to sleep and sending a message another day, which is also my plan =) Good night!

@ColinTheMathmo @humanetech

In another universe, where I would have infinite time to build interactive data visualisations, I would try to implement this thing you're trying to describe with D3.js.

Very curious about your vision though. It seems that you want to visualise a discussion so that you can have a better overview of the discussion and its dynamics, to empower yourself to both better extract valuable information and understand the dynamics that led to the flow of the discussion?

@jboy Yep, I'm there :) There is a Dutch and an international Public Spaces channel.

Groot nieuws!

Ik hoop dat prof. Jacobs en prof. van Dijck voortbouwen op de public spaces die er al zijn. Bij deze nog even het inventarisatierapport van Bluesky (Twitter) over het landschap van decentrale social media:

In 2019 bij een bijeenkomst in Brussel over de toekomst van de digitale wereld heb ik Mastodon al bij JosΓ© van Dijck onder de aandacht gebracht. Dus ergens wel jammer dat ze zegt dat er geen alternatief is πŸ˜›

The digitarian society, sounds like just my kind of society :-)

An interesting presentation and discussion tonight, organised by Tetem ( with Roos Groothuizen ( and Geert-Jan Bogaerts from PublicSpaces (

Tetem is actually in Enschede, where I live, apparently already since 2018. I have to know a bit more about them!


Interesting, what are your plans with the mastodon takeout? :)

I saw your boost about the Mastodon Archive Tool. I've used another tool before, where similar tools are also listed on the bottom of the about page:

For my thesis I might be working with a tool that shows visualisations for exports for mainstream services: transparency-vis.vx.igd.fraunh

@jeffalyanak Cool, thanks for sharing! I just read that Linus also invented Git!

Quoting Linus: "I'm an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself. First 'Linux', now 'Git'".

('git' is British slang for "pig headed, think they are always correct, argumentative").

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