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Of je vliegt gewoon toch niet, of zo weinig mogelijk! Word een planetarier :)

We weten dat vliegen slecht is, maar sussen ons geweten en doen het toch -

Une question pour les Franรงais, pour cet รฉtรฉ :) (en Anglais)

Hi! This august, @Michelle and I will be touring through France. Is there anyone in the fediverse with either tips for where to go, which accomodations are nice and cheap, or with a place to stay for a night, for Michelle and me?
Our current plan is from NL through the Ardennes, then south through the east of France, and then north again via Paris.

Merci d'avance!
Toot toot!


Welcome @designlab to the fediverse, and specifically to the University of Twente instance (:utwente: )! I'm looking forward to see updates of the inspiring events happening at the Designlab!

Dear fediverse, I would strongly encourage you to read the three latest tweets of Mesut ร–zil.

First ๐Ÿฆ tweet:

Account ๐Ÿฆ:

"Racism should never, ever be accepted."
- Mesut ร–zil, 22-7-2018

Another one by BNNVARA (header instead of popup). It has no defaults/needs explicit choices.

I prefer this over the privacy-unfriendly defaults that can be disabled after a click now seen on many American sites.

And before, the short version of a trip to Denmark :)

1: Jens Olsens world clock
2: me collecting shells, finding this in the car. Threw it back when we got off the island :)
3: Looks familiar? :)
4: Amazing Viking village in Ribe!

@hiemstra challenged me for posting black and white photos of my life, every day for one week. Accepted, I like it!
No captions and no people, I can do that :)


Day 3/7: 7 B&W photos of your life. No people, no caption. Challenged by @apriante. I challenge @Erik.

I'm wondering if we can create some kind of proxy ActivityPub server, which would hold one account a.k.a. user address a.k.a. Webfinger JRD, but then delegate to different AP-enabled servers based on the object type. And have the various servers understand this and be compatible with it.

Meaning you could use your one address, for me personally e.g., and then delegate microblog posts to Mastodon, photos to Pixelfed, Videos to PeerTube, etc.

Nice idea @hiemstra, black and white photos of your life! Not sure if I want to do it everyday, since I'm on holiday :)


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