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Why is Mastodon not yet on Mastodon? That must be the easiest way to get some new fans :P (

It seems Bill Gates is also going for his Upgraded Worldview certificate. Wise man ;-)

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Weekend Top 3 videos:
1) Cybersecurity definitions: empowerment and well-being of people, rather than a mitigation of risk:

2) Towards a small web:

3) Why boredom is good for you:

1) Explanations at

2) Interview with Shirley Wu and Nadieh Bremer:

3) Pandemic-Proof Your Habits - Kate Murphy:

Ancient mastodon pictures discovered in the Amazon rainforest!

"Their date is based partly on their depictions of now-extinct ice age animals, such as the mastodon, a prehistoric relative of the elephant that hasn’t roamed South America for at least 12,000 years. There are also images of the palaeolama, an extinct camelid, as well as giant sloths and ice age horses."


This makes me think of one of my favourite book series, Earth's Children by Jean M. Auel :)

Just came across this beautiful data visualisation of the top2000, check the website for the interactive version:

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How much do you know about the world?

A great new tool from Gapminder, at

I must admit I had about 4-5 questions wrong the first time I tried 😇

Have you never heard of Gapminder? Then you might want to start with late Hans Roslings classic TED-talk:

Did you like it? Then I can recommend buying the book 'Factfullness' by Hans, Anna and Ola Rosling!(

You want to explore data? Check their tool at$chart-ty!

What are your favourite songs? Please share =)

In the Netherlands, there is one radio station (NPO radio 2) that always plays the top2000 in the last week of the year, the top 2000 songs on which people voted. I love it, so that's the only part of the year where I move away from Pinguinradio and Spotify.

These are my votes for this year!

The Spotify playlist:

Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers:
"- Zorg in, en breder dan, het groeifonds voor coherente implementatie van duurzaamheidsdoelen van de overheid in alle beleidsterreinen.
- Zorg voor een gedegen democratische controle op het fonds, gezien de grote maatschappelijke belangen van het nationaal groeifonds."

Frans van Heest van ScienceGuide, bedankt voor je stuk! Misschien nuttig om het linkje naar de Tweede Kamer-pagina erbij te zetten?

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Ook de position papers zijn interessant, zoals die van Bas Jacobs, Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, Ewald Engelen en TNO.

"TNO bepleit om het Groeifonds vooral te richten op investeringen in sleuteltechnologieën ten behoeve van de klimaaten energieopgaven; en sleuteltechnologieën op het gebied van digitalisering als kunstmatige intelligentie, data, cyber, quantum, lasersatellietcommunicatie. Deze zijn nodig voor maatschappelijke transities."

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ScienceGuide: "Nederland heeft meer technici nodig en de academische wereld houdt dit nu tegen. Dat was één van de conclusies bij de hoorzitting in de Kamer over het nieuwe investeringsfonds."

Een enorm belangrijk onderwerp, en een boeiend artikel over deze hoorzitting. Dit klinkt als een mooie zitting om terug te kijken! Eens even 3,5 uur tijd zoeken komende weken. Voor de geïnteresseerde, hij is hier te vinden:

Ook de position papers zijn interessant:

Re-reading the great book 'The internet is broken - But we can repair it' that I received from Marleen Stikker after I won the privacy quiz at the Big Brother Awards show by Bits of Freedom (no luck involved at all :). That same evening, Marleen received the Felipe Rodríguez privacy award for fighting for internet freedom and privacy.

I'm looking forward to her lecture in the Week of Inspiration at the University of Twente:

@aral is on the left page!

Question: If I find a new interesting person on Mastodon, how could I easily scan through all their toots (including the oldest ones?) Now I sometimes find myself clicking 'show more' way too many times 😇

Is there some kind of exporter / reader that is dedicated to showing posts from one person?

Or even better, a tool that also shows statistics over an account's toot frequency, and maybe even some visualisations on their content (word clouds, pictures, etc).

Thanks in advance!

Interesting read from Wageningen:

"When battling climate change and mass-extinction, not every should have the same priority. The study published in 'Nature' identifies cost-effective ecosystem restoration projects that have the highest impact. Read more below!

Explanation from WUR:

Full publication:

So conservation in Indonesia, the Philippines and the whole south of West-Africa seem very cost-effective!

Satire, I love it 😂

"The European Union is currently considering banning the use of words like "burger", "sausage", "cheese" and "yoghurt" to describe plant based products, supposedly to avoid consumer confusion."

A fig news pilot episode:

The online finals are today! An interesting morning looking at all the finalists. There are 4 different challenges:

1: A European Green Deal
2: An economy that works for people
3: A new push for European democracy
4: A Europe fit for the digital age

So of course I have to join :)

You can find all finalists here:

We just watched a presentation by TU-Delft spinoff Geofluxus that maps, analyses and predicts waste streams across the EU! Really cool!

It's October 10th, and yet another day that has a name:

It's exciting to only share positive stories on social media. I usually share pictures and insights from events that I have attended, or from articles I have read and found interesting.

Today, let's also share the other side. It doesn't matter what your background is, or if other people have more serious problems.

I have been depressed 4 times now, which took bites of 3-7 months out of my 27 years.

What about you?

Two interesting insights for me:
1) 44% of all pesticides sold for cotton (around the world!) are highly toxic to bees.

2) Poland (19%) and Turkey (16%) have a much lower share of HHPs among pesticides than for example Japan (52%) and India (59%). Good job Poland and Turkey!

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Every once in a while I take a look at Nadieh Bremer's website for inspiration. It's always insightful!

As it's today, first up is this one: Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs).

A beautiful set of visualisations to give readers insight in the sales of hazardous pesticides around the world. Who are the big players, what are their products, and which are the destination crops for the pesticides.

Greenpeace article:

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