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Kijk bijvoorbeeld eens op als je je afvraagt hoe dat werkt. Maak vooral een account aan als je geïnteresseerd bent!

3 belangrijke eigenschappen:
- Decentralisatie
- Interoperabiliteit
- Vrije software

Vragen? Stel ze vooral op =)

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🇳🇱 Weer een uitstekende video van NOS op 3. Aanrader!
Het besluit van Twitter om Donald eraf te gooien zal nog veel opvolging krijgen, met als eindpunt meer digitale soevereiniteit voor gebruikers zelf.

Video NOS:

Zelf een sociaal netwerk opbouwen? Dat klinkt misschien ver weg, maar daar ben ik al zo'n 2,5 jaar mee bezig. Nadenken over hoe het beter kan werkt beter als je meerdere perspectieven hebt, en 'the fediverse' biedt mij in ieder geval één briljant perspectief.

Is there already a LinkedIn alternative connected to the fediverse? That's a professional social network I don't want to go without at the moment. I'm also curious at the design challenges you might face when designing a federated version of LinkedIn.

Thanks for the 80 replies. 10 people here would recommend both, 47 Signal, and 23 Element.

Also thanks for the text replies!

People say frequently that Signal is easier to handle than Element. I think they have different use cases, but I do agree.

@sexybiggetje@mastodon.socYou shared that Signal does not store your phone number. Do you know how that works?

@bsm You shared that Telegram is not really an option if you want security and privacy. Could you substantiate that with sources? :)

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Which chat-client are you going to recommend to your friends and family?

In my humble opinion Signal and the Element are the only two real alternatives currently, and I will recommend to install both.

Currently in a guest lecture by Ruben Verborgh on the SOLID project (Social Linked Data), led by Tim Berners Lee:

Do you know it? It looks similar to the small-web initiative by @aral
( or the QiY scheme ( It definitely also has similarities to the fediverse.

Going to look into it, but curious to hear your thoughts!

Let's talk about food!

1) What do you eat and drink?

2) What is your favourite way to eat mushrooms?

3) What is your favourite way to eat beans?

4) What is your favourite soup?

5) What are your favourite non-alcoholic beverages?

6) For after january, what are you favourite beers, wines and whiskies? =)

Currently combining vegan and dry january. Pictures are some of my favourite (and most-consumed) foods :)

Wow! Germany has had over 50% of its energy powered by renewable sources for the first time in 2021!

"Wind (27%), solar (10,4%), biomass (9,3%) and hydropower (3,7%) add up to 50,4%. Over 2019 this was still 45,9%. In 2010 it was 19,1%."

Chart source:
- created by Prof. Dr. Bruno Burger, from the 'Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme'

Dutch source:

Through Covid19, the young generation is asked for solidarity with the older generation.

Similarly, regarding the climate crisis, the older generation is asked for solidarity with the young generation.

To make sure you don't die, we stop meeting friends, having parties and do what young people normally do.

Please take the climate crisis seriously, consider to fly less, buy less and reduce your meat consumption. Thanks in advance! :-)

(idea from Werner Schouten in NRC)

A very cool video shared by Solar Team Twente: Engineering the world's fastest solar race cars, with Derek Muller from Veritasium as the presenter!

2 questions about reading:
1) How do you read the majority of your documents? I'm considering to buy an e-reader so that I'm not stuck to reading lengthy PDF documents on my laptop.

2) Do you have experience with an e-reader? If so, which one do you recommend? I'm willing to spend a bit more than average to have a better experience because I read a lot.

Thanks in advance!

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