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Scientists assessed to what extent human-induced climate change made the recent heatwave hotter and more likely:

"In a world with 2°C of global warming (0.8°C warmer than today which at current emission levels would be reached as early as the 2040s), this event would have been another degree hotter. An event like this – currently estimated to occur only once every 1000 years, would occur roughly every 5 to 10 years in that future world with 2°C of global warming"

A very interesting topic for discussion:

"Is the work produced by a machine learning system, or even the machine learning system itself, a derivative work of the inputs to the model? (...) if the answer is “no”, GitHub Copilot can be used as a means of washing the GPL off of code you want to use without obeying its license. But, what if the answer is “yes”?"

Greenwashing is very much a thing in corporate sustainability.

Is this the start of 'codewashing'?

Een interessant inkijkje in de financiering van een politieke partij. Met een businessclub die diners met de volksvertegenwoordigers regelt.

Hoe kun je dit voorkomen? Zelfs als er niets is afgesproken kun je meer realiseren met meer geld (?) , en je kunt ook wel raden waar geldschieters belang bij hebben. Waardoor je wellicht meer geld krijgt en dus effectiever kunt zijn in je eigen doelen voor de lange termijn.

Er komen nog wel meer vragen in me op bij dit stuk.

I love these case studies:

I wonder, will the European Championship lead more Dutch people to Brave because their logo is an orange lion? :P

Beautiful, how a coastline 100 million years ago influences modern election results :)

These maps tell a story, of geology, urbanisation & progress!

Via @duncangeere

NL: CPB-directeur: Nederland moet bitcoin en andere cryptovaluta verbieden

EN: The director of the CPB (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis) says the Netherlands should ban the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

If you have not seen Mark Robers backyard squirrel obstacle course, you have missed some fun in your life =)

And now there is version 2!

Backyard Squirrel Maze 2.0- The Walnut Heist:

And the video from 2020:
Backyard Squirrel Maze 1.0- Ninja Warrior Course:


This reminds me why I would have probably started the Creative Technology bachelor program if I would start studying now:

Have you already read Privacy is Power by Carissa Véliz?

If not, you could watch this WIRED Briefing first!

Book link:

I also have one at home which I would happily lend to you, if you happen to live in Enschede, NL ;-)

Wat tot nu toe vooral opvalt, is de systematische geboortebeperking en het geweld dat daarmee gepaard gaat. "Verkrachting was aan de orde van de dag”, vertelde Sayragul Sauytbay, die als lerares was gedwongen om Chinese les te geven in een van de kampen. "De politie had van Beijing onbegrensde bevoegdheden gekregen. Ze konden doen wat ze wilden. Ze zochten de meisjes uit die ze leuk vonden, haalden ze ’s nachts uit hun cel en stuurden ze de volgende ochtend weer terug."

We are live! Campus Talks S2E5 about a sustainable campus at the University of Twente :)

Is anyone aware of an initiative like Duolingo but then without the ads? I really like the app, but I really dislike paying €7,33 a month or watching an ad after every single lesson..

Otherwise, is anyone willing to set up a non-profit for learning languages? :P

The first attached image is one of the most popular 'Our World in Data'-charts. It shows food emissions by stage of the supply chain for different products.

Hannah Ritchi, head of research at Our World in Data, created an interactive version of this chart to facilitate easier analysis:

Actually the whole page is very useful to compare the environmental impact of food sources!

I attached some of the other charts below.

(as seen at @yuri :)

26-5-2021: The Dutch court just ordered Royal Dutch Shell to reduce their net CO2e-emissions by 45% before the end of 2030.

The reference year is 2019, where they emitted ~70 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent (chart 1,

This means Shell will have to reduce their emissions to ~31,5 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent before 2030 (chart 2).

Court ruling in English:

Webpage 'milieudefensie' (English):

How will 2020 be remembered?

You might be tempted to think of the pandemic. But scientists knew it was coming, and if we don't change our relation with nature, it won't be special in a few decades.

It was the year of Black Lives Matter. George Floyd was murdered on May 25th 2020. By a racist. But institutional racism means that society can be racist, even if no individual would act racist.

All of us, especially those in IT, have to actively work on equality to make .

I also try to use the lessons by Harold Jarche:

"Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) is like breathing in and out. We breathe in through our networks, filtering knowledge and making sense through conversations and actions. We breathe out by sharing what we know and have learned."

For the past years I think I have mostly been breathing in, so I'm still figuring out how I could and should share (produce) more myself.

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Also, I guess that the popularity of conspiracy theories shows what happens when you don't educate people with the skill to assess the trustworthiness of the source of information?

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An interesting study of an important skill: critical ignoring.

I think I check external sources all the time. If I read something new about a certain topic, I look for someone I know has specialised in that topic and ask if it's true.

Is this a luxury you only have if you are in an environment of scientists?

It's very valuable to know someone well enough so that you can (almost) blindly trust them in their domain. You can't be an expert in everything.

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