Are you a UT alumna, with either a master's degree or a PhD and do you want to receive € 9.000 for the further development of your career? Then you might be a candidate for the Marina van Dammescholarship! Send us your advanced notification before 14 September 2020 to Proposals can be submitted no later than 28 September 2020.

After the official founding of the Technische Hogeschool Twente (THT - Technical College Twente, the predecessor of University of Twente) in 1961, the building of the campus started. The former country estate of Drienerlo was transformed into the proving ground for a daring experiment: a technical college based on the American residential system – which is to say, with a campus that combined living, studying, working ... and partying.

Applying for a job in times of corona is a daunting task for any recent, or soon-to-be graduate. This second edition of the 4TU Career Special is full of tips on how it is best approached. Furthermore, written in this magazine:

Thank you for all the donations and the heartwarming responses! We are proud of our involved UT community that has already donated almost 20,000 euros to the Student Emergency Fund of the University Fund Twente.

Campus, that's the title of a new magazine that recently landed on the doormats of UT alumni, employees, students, and friends. With the magazine appearing in both English and Dutch we want to inform and connect. Through stories about education, research, entrepreneurship, student life and alumni, we bring different groups together.

Soon to be arriving: the new magazine Campus! A magazine for the entire UT-community, with stories about education, research, entrepreneurship, student life and alumni.

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