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#2025 "Peer Review" 

Just read I/O vivat. Really @interactief ? Not a single female candidate board member? What did you do to scare them all away?

Bijzonder, mijn dochter’s interview met een bedrijfsleider op de @utwente in het kader van het “bedrijfsbezoek” vanuit de lagere school werd gecancelled. Mocht niet van @Starbucks Nederland. Oei, dat geeft te denken.

@bencomp @suzan @arjenpdevries @arjenpdevries Echt waar? In 2009 veranderde de UT tijdelijk van top-level domein. De gevolgen waren enorm: onvindbaar in Google voor veel queries, uit de Alexa top, etc. Toentertijd een kleine column over geschreven:

@beeldbank @arjenpdevries We have more but I made a small selection to upload here. For the beeldbank of the UT I also uploaded a picture of 1975 when Ebenhaëzer just started sailing again and went to SAIL Amsterdam.

Does @beeldbank take requests?

Seeing "Ebenhaezer op de campus" photos would be nice!

There are 2 main rivaling programs to handle your scientific references. One is free/libre software (#Zotero), the other is not (#Mendeley). Guess which one you should use?

Hint: if you use the closed source one, it will encrypt your article-database and not give you the possibility to decrypt and export it.

Join Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, Radia Perlman, Mitchell Baker, and Jimmy Wales today: write to your European MP and tell them to #DeleteArt13 , the EU's disastrous copyright censorship machine.

Sid Sijbrandij, founder of Gitlab is a University of Twente :utwente: alumnus.

Spinque in Utrecht, NL is looking for a DevOps engineer.

See if you are talented, looking for impact and keen on running your own cloud (hardware and software).

Rock goddess from Oz, Courtney Barnett, live in Utrecht. Great gig!!!

The songs have grown a lot since I saw her last, awesome stage performance too.

🎶 Gimme all your money
And I'll make some origami
Honey 🎶

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