Still some curious results: "ohmydisney", "roosterteeth", "nyanarc" (a Mastodon Emoji apparently) which we are still investigating.

While we are still working on the UI where you can investigate daily trending topics, I wanted to share the top 10 trending topics from today based on 35952 toots from the last 12 hours.

1. bourdain
2. ohmydisney
3. tattoo
4. anthony
5. roosterteeth
6. suicide
7. weekend
8. cloakanddagger
9. nyanarc
10. julianassange

Also, if you use the search API endpoint for a user (outside of the instance), this user gets an id on our instance, however you still can not get their toots or followers.

Did any of you guys manage to get the list of followers or toots of someone outside of this instance by using the API? Currently we are looking at doing this with the "public" .json pages however this is not very efficient.

Found this website today with a list of 2687 Mastodon instances, it also has a database dump!

Our selection for the paper presentation is:

"Jure Leskovec and Christos Faloutsos. Sampling from Large Graphs - Proceedings of SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), 2006."


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