On Monday 14 December: A Bright Starry Night: A Bright Starry Night is a delightful listening concert that warms you up during the long, cold winter night. utwente.nl/en/culture/events/2

On Tuesday 3 November: Donald Trump isn't crazy: Will Trump be elected again as president of the USA or will the people choose Joe Biden? Maarten Kolsloot and Victor Vlam will highlight American campaigns of the past and present. Suspense, intrigues, serious talks, hilarious videos...this will truly be an interactive performance. utwente.nl/en/culture/events/2

On Monday 19 October: Leaving Trumpland: Greg Shapiro (Boom Chicago, Comedy Central, BNR) is back! The voice of the ‘Netherlands Second’ video (‘Zondag Met Lubach’) presents a 2020 election special to give a send-off to Donald J Trump: “The J is for Genius.” utwente.nl/en/culture/events/2

On Thursday 8 October: Life is Short. Buy that dress.: Did you ever suffer from one of those my-wardrobe-is bursting-but-I have NOTHING-to-wear moments?
In Life is short. Buy that dress. Directie & Co brings a colourful spectacle to make the audience reflect on the insatiable hunger of buying cheap clothes stimulated by the fashion industry, that are already off-trend and worn-out after wearing them a few times. utwente.nl/en/culture/events/2

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