Woohoo! I won the Bits of Freedom privacy quiz, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt ;-)

Last friday, I joined the Big Brother awards of Bits of Freedom (bof.nl).

"Bits of Freedom is the leading digital rights organisation in the Netherlands, focusing on privacy and freedom of communication online."

Each year, they have an award ceremony for the worst privacy offenders, and the best privacy advocates. Congratulations Marleen Stikker, for winning the Felipe Rodrigues award!

Music! 🎡

It's the time of the year again, that in the Netherlands, we vote for our favourite music of all time. It's an impossible choice of course, and this year, I have no Dire Straits, no Queen, and no Beatles in my list. But I do love all the songs in there. Which ones do you like too? Please tell me :)

And feel free to share your own list of favourite songs.


If you want to read about anything interesting this weekend, then please let it be the concept of the Water Footprint. What is it? Read it on the website of the Water Footprint Network: waterfootprint.org/en/water-fo

Arjen was an amazing man, with whom you could have incredibly energetic and joyful conversations. He was somehow everything in one person. The water professor, the activist, the organiser, the teacher, the inspiration and the action.



An amazing about food. What kind of foods are unhealthy, and what kind of foods have a big environmental impact?

From the paper: "Multiple health and environmental impacts of foods" by Michael A Clark, Marco Springmann, Jason Hill, and David Tilman (pnas.org/content/116/46/23357)

Een goeie video over alle grensmuren in de wereld. Want dat worden er blijkbaar steeds meer! Ook tussen Oostenrijk en SloveniΓ«, Marokko en MauretaniΓ«, en India en Bangladesh.


Met daarbij een interessant artikel van de Correspondent:

I hope there will be English subtitles soon, as well as an English article on thecorrespondent.com :)

Wonderful to see so many people join the fediverse from . Welcome to the future of interoperable and decentralised social networks :)


I hope that this will also lead to more 'general public' switching, because I think that's the one reason why the fediverse is not as decentralised as it could (and should) be.

So think about what kind of rules you want to abide to, then join a corresponding instance, or create one with others!

Greetings from Twente, the Netherlands :)

En één dag eerder, 3 november 1933, werd de ingenieur Hanso Idzerda gefusilleerd, omdat hij nieuwsgierig was naar de technologie van raketten die vlak bij zijn huis waren ingeslagen. Hanso verzorgde in 1919 de eerste publieke radio-uitzending van Nederland.


De 75 jaar terug pagina's van de NOS zijn erg interessant om terug te kijken, maar het komt pas dichtbij als het ineens over een dorp gaat waar je regelmatig komt. Zo las ik net een verhaal over een bombardement op Dinteloord (Noord-Brabant). 50 doden. En het waren bommenwerpers van de geallieerden..


Wat een prachtige aflevering toch weer van Zondag Met Lubach!

Dit vond ik één van de leukste uitzendingen tot nu toe!

Terug te kijken op vpro.nl/zml

There is a moment when enough 'awareness' is spread, and the aware people start tackling the actual problems. This is such a moment.

To all the people working on the Ocean Cleanup Project: amazing work! I really hope your Interceptors will close the tap, and make sure that plastic from rivers never reach our oceans! Keep up the good work!

Here is the link to the announcement, including the livestream of a few hours ago:


As a regular reader of The Guardian, it's cool to see their environmental pledge!

Read it here:

One part makes me wonder though, about how they want to achieve this:

"Our reporting on the environment, from our international team, will never be influenced by commercial or political interests and will always be rooted in scientific fact. "

The Sustainability week of the University of Twente is very inspiring so far.

Tuesday afternoon, there was a sustainability market showcasing sustainability initiaves at the UT and its contractors.

Then Tuesday evening there was a Studium Generale of Marjan Minnesma, about Urgenda, their court case against the state of the Netherlands and their vision of a very necessary transition to 100% renewable energy.

Today, I'm attending the ARISE symposium (arisetogether.nl/). Looking forward!

Do you agree that formula 1 races are a bit too long to watch? Marble races are just much more full of action! Congratulations Crazy Cat's Eye!

Thanks Jelle for building yet another great sandy racetrack!

Watch here:

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