World Press Photo 2020, by Yasuyoshi Chiba (AFP).

Khartoum, Sudan, on 19 June 2019

Chiba: "The simple fact that people will recite poems for protesting in such a difficult circumstance."

β€œIt’s a picture of a young person taking a stand against the authorities,” - jury chairman Lekgetho Makola.

All nominated photo's share a trend: young people worldwide are actively shaping their future. The youth confront those in power when their progress and future is threatened.

Question, please help πŸ™‚
For the lonely granny's that are not tech-savvy enough to work with a laptop or a tablet, what is a good and safe setup to allow for videocalls?

Own ideas:
#1 Laptop with teamviewer, where the granny is in a secure jitsi-room continously and family can join with a password

#2 Viewclix?

#3 Komp?

The Intercept about Zoom:
A recent analysis of Zoom's encryption techniques, with key servers in China and 128-bit AES-ECB. Also, their reactions and recent changes.

It highlights why investing in cyber security is more than asking developers to encrypt traffic.

Personally, I like to see this 'textbook knowledge' from my master (CybSec @ utwente) in articles like this :) Makes you appreciate courses like Security & Crypto, even though I already failed it twice... :')

This is amazing! From October 2018 already. DoodleChaos created Beethoven's 5th symphony in line rider!

For everywhone who wants to gain insights into whether countries are beating the exponential growth of covid19.

Watch this video first, to understand the very useful chart:

Then you can find the chart here:

I discovered this on the website of a colleague from the UT, Jair Santanna, about Dutch covid19 statistics in particular:

Thank you for your participation in this study! We really appreciate it. Please share this survey with everyone you know to help us learn more: and share this survey on social media using the hashtag

Kurzgesagt is my favourite YouTube channel for a reason.

It is a great source for getting useful knowledge in the form of videos, which are also fun to watch.

Now a great video about the coronavirus:

They have a lot of watch-worthy videos, on very diverse interesting subjects.

Research conducted on 1391 children treated at the Wuhan Children’s Hospital, the only center assigned for treating infected children under 16 years of age in Wuhan.

Some of the findings:
- A total of 171 (12.3%) were confirmed to have SARS-CoV-2 infection
- Fever was present in 41.5% of the children at any time during the illness.
- A total of 27 patients (15.8%) did not have any symptoms of infection or radiologic features of pneumonia.

Interessant: Hoogleraar Koreaanse geschiedenis Remco Breuker over de context van de aanpak van de coronacrisis in Zuid-Korea:

""Het vertrouwen van de Zuid-Koreanen in wetenschappers en medici is vele malen hoger dan in hun politici."


Ondertussen is het wel duidelijk dat je thuis moet blijven toch? Doe dat dan ook. Hou je afspraken digitaal, zodat het coronavirus zich minder snel verspreidt en niet alle kwetsbare mensen tegelijk naar het ziekenhuis moeten. Anders raakt het daar vol en gaat een deel van die mensen dood.

Dat kun jij dus voorkomen.
Door thuis te blijven.

Hoi! Zaterdagnacht slaap ik met de Sheltersuit Foundation op de Oude Markt in Enschede.

Daarvoor wil ik genoeg geld ophalen om één Sheltersuit te doneren voor een dakloze. Ik zou dankbaar zijn als je me daarbij wilt helpen :-)

Bekijk mijn actiepagina hier:

Naast dat ze concreet mensen helpen, maken ze ook het probleem van dakloosheid zichtbaar, en delen ze de persoonlijke verhalen van daklozen.

Sheltersuit: weer een reden om te zijn!

Symposium :utwente: :
Climate change calls for action
-Resilience and adaptation to unprecedented extremes-

For those who are also interested in learning about climate change, there is a livestream of the event I'm attending today:


:utoday: UToday interview with Tatiana Filatova:

Amazing essay:
Nolen Gertz on Nihilism.

"As the idealist focuses more and more on how reality ought to be, the idealist becomes less and less concerned with how reality is. The utopian views of the idealist may be more compelling than the dystopian views of the cynic, but dystopian views are at least focused on this world, whereas utopian views are, by definition, focused on a world that does not exist."

Last week, I was attending a fascinating lecture about India, titled: "India, an invisble country".

The speaker is Fons Stoelinga, the Dutch ambassador to India from 2012-2018.

He says that the challenges India faces are unprecedented, and he easily grabbed my attention for 1,5 hours.

He talks about culture, politics, Hindu-nationalism and the justice system.

Please share what you think!

The video can be found online:


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