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Imagine spending ONE DAY in the "British Guantanamo", the max-security prison of Belmarsh in London, among violent criminals.

Now imagine spending ONE THOUSAND DAYS there.

Imagine, that as a publisher many times celebrated for your work (challengepower.info/assange_s_), you are not even charged.

You are waiting for extradition to the US where you face up to 175y in super-max.

You revealed war crimes involving the unaccounted death of dozen thousands of people.

#FreeAssangeNOW #Assange

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You want people to trust science? Remove the profit motive. Decouple science from capitalism. Do away with patents. Do away with closed silos. Ensure 100% transparency and openness. Create and share in the open for the common good.

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Many details of this story are missing, but I do know how floor plans can be used to increase the impact of cyber-physical attacks on buildings. I wrote a paper about it 2 years ago.

Many people underestimate the importance of random number generation.

In The Netherlands, ICU beds will be assigned by a lottery. Random numbers literally dictate who lives and who dies.


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Why does Mitre uses "neutralization" instead of the widespread "sanitization" term when referring to user inputs?

E.g., cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions

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Neat: You Share, We Care; You can put all scientific publications open access online, and the university will protect you from evil publishers.


Klepper: You don't wanna be in a place w/ socialized medicine?
Trump supporter: Nope.
K: So where would you go?
T: I'm gonna look at Costa Rica.
K: Costa Rica, which has universal healthcare. 😅🇨🇷


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The Markup built a free public tool to inspect websites for potential privacy violations: Of 80,000 sites, 69,000 used third party trackers, 12,000 tracked user interactions, 5,000 used finger printing, 200 used key logging catching people's passwords, and one of the websites doing this, SunTrust Bank, sent the user name and password to a third party 😮


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Yesterday we again opened our bimonthly open call for privacy and trust enhancing tech (nlnet.nl/PET) and projects improving open search and discovery (nlnet.nl/discovery) using open source software and open hardware. Do apply before December 1st (or check out the work we are funding on for example @cryptpad, @delta, @nextcloud, @EteSync, @pixelfed and more! -> nlnet.nl/project/

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