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Interessant! Gijs Hendriksen praat met Peter Tessel van Spinque over hun ervaringen met @plausible: #NoGA

Güneş Acar's guest presentation showed exploits that trackers use such as full DOM extraction, and misusing your login manager!! You cannot be too paranoid, apparently...

More info: webtransparency.cs.princeton.e

Excellent guest presentation by Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius! #NoGA reading tips:

Letting an advertisement company run your web site analytics, is like...

Let's do this with curl:

curl -v -d '' -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' ''

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Aaron Parecki's Webmentions are an elegant way to integrate web sites and social media. This could easily be integrated with Mastodon...

I guess this is a valid complaint against the Princeton-Radboud study on privacy law implementation.

CLOCKSS is the only dark archive that assigns Creative Commons Open Access licenses to all triggered publications to ensure they always remain available and openly accessible to everyone.

Guidelines on good publication practice of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)

It seems the legal battle of Elsevier against Sci-Hub may backlash: Copyright law should protect *authors* of scientific work, and it should promote the creation and dissemination of work for education and the advancement of knowledge. #OpenAccess

The Shapes of You index is a continuously evolving knowledge graph that indexes data from more than 1200 Github, Gitlab and Gitee repos

Belangrijk stuk, maar moeilijk te volgen: "onze computers, tablets, mobieltjes en spelcomputers maken meer dan 40%" van het Europese CO2 budget op. Maar als je verder leest zijn het data centers die al 25% opmaken!

SQLite has 640 times as much test code and test scripts as it's actual code.

Mission 10x: Novel Approaches for Energy-Efficient Computing of the Future

Jeff Pooley's paper "Surveillance publishing", with a great intro covering Google and of course Elsevier

At the guest talk by Amin Bigdeli from Ryerson University about gender bias in information retrieval search results

Copyright law should protect authors by promoting the creation and dissemination of works for the advancement of knowledge. Current practice in science does not really protect authors, nor does it help for the advancement of knowledge. #OpenAccess

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