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Vier jaar geleden overgestapt van ING naar ASN (Volksbank). Toen een goede keus, nog steeds een goede keus

Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop #DIR2020 on 3 December, online in Antwerp!

Platforms like YouTube go a great length to prevent compatibility and interoperability tools.

Roomser dan de paus? Terwijl de paus voor het eerst explicit het (gay) partnerschap goedkeurt, lijkt de komst van het transgendercentrum bij the RUMC directe aanleiding voor het intrekken van het predicaat "katholiek".

B C, Before Computers by Stephen Robertson: On Information Technology from Writing to the Age of Digital Data

The Markup built a free public tool to inspect websites for potential privacy violations: Of 80,000 sites, 69,000 used third party trackers, 12,000 tracked user interactions, 5,000 used finger printing, 200 used key logging catching people's passwords, and one of the websites doing this, SunTrust Bank, sent the user name and password to a third party 😮

When you tell Chrome to wipe private data about you, it spares two websites from the purge:, YouTube. A bug? Yeah, right!

At the Radboud University 97 years old "Dies Natalis" live stream

SaltStack seems a good choice for managing your compute cluster:

Student projects with me or @arjen for the Open Search Foundation: #ossym2020
* Federated crawling
* Exploring IPFS for data exchange
* Content-based autocompletions
* Reorganizing web archives by topic
* Web pages' most wanted
* ...

Sebastian Nagel on combining crawling and accessing a web archive (=CommonCrawl) using a single distributed crawler (Stormcrawler). Could this be a viable approach to sharing the crawling load? #ossym2020

Michael Voelske: The human web (and search and the edge devices) should probably be combined with a central index. #ossym2020

Monica Palmirani demos search tools for Law at #OSSYM2020 with extensive use of semantic web tools such as persistent uris and legal ontologies. Demos at:

"Searching, fast and slow" by @arjen: We might not be able to beat Google at what they do, if we do the same. Instead: Human-centered search (Personal Information Management) and moving the index to the edge devices. #ossym2020

The aggressive tactics employed by proctoring companies in response to student complaints and critical analysis of the software.

Opening of the Open Search Symposum #OSSYM2020: There are four large indexes of the web: Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Baidu. We need a European index!

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