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The #Nanquanu Institute does R&D into collective intelligence systems for a more creative, ecologically balanced and fair society.

Jaap Kamps from his ivory tower: Neural reranking is like using a T-Ford for most of the traveling, and a Ferrari for the last mile... Goal: Ferrari all the way; Means: make models sparse. #SIKS

Explainable Machine Learning summarized by Nauta & Seifert

Opening of the annual #SIKS day. Arno Siebes' book recommendations.

My student assistants are using for the Friday tutorials and I think they're great! 😄

Academics must apply the three Rs to plane travel: replace if possible, reduce to the essential, and refine to make it worthwhile!

Pretty cool: Open Science Community Nijmegen (OSCN) has a Do-A-Thon on 24 October

Universal Transformers: a transformer approach by Mostafa Dehghani and colleagues that also uses a recurrent feedback loop. Very interesting. #SIKS

Come do your PhD with me at Spinque in Utrecht, NL, on the topic of Professional Search:

Fully funded, with three secondments in Vienna (Allan Hanbury), Milan (Gabriella Pasi) and Tennessee (Diane Kelly).

See the Marie-Curie ITN DOSSIER website for 14 more cool projects, all over Europe, including two in Leiden with Suzan Verberne.

Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism: "Regulators need to intervene with tech monopolies", that's the line you should remember.

The CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) is a federated search engine for content shared by the CLARIN knowledge centres.

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