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One in ten female students in the Netherlands is victim of rape during their study. RU should sign the manifesto and better educate their (male) students. #LetsTalkAboutYES

A search engine running in your browser that fetches index blocks on the fly!

Why is object-oriented programming bad? Data is more important than code, and OOP encourages ignoring the data design.

Quiz: University email or Phishing?
"Action: Immediately after activating your account, go to: to set up MFA.

The International Journal of Universal Computer Science J.UCS is one of the first online journals (since 1995). It's open access, and follows a free-of-charge policy for both authors and readers.

Please boost (Just a normal day at the university):

"For a new PhD student we are looking for (temporary) housing where they can register at the municipality. Even if you have accommodation only for a short period, let us know. Also places outside Nijmegen are considered."

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