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Donna Harman's "Information Retrieval: The early years" can be downloaded for free until 17 July.

I think that (at least as an experiment), I will move my personal thoughts to a different account, and leave this one to development and work-related matters.

If you want my non-work thoughts, follow me at @Gargron

Also in the Huygens building at Radboud University: this statue of a variant of Möbius' strip, a surface with one side and one edge...

#DH2019 Panel

"Open Data, Open Edition: How Can the Inferences Between Scientific Papers and Evidence Be Managed?"

Cada vez que, jerarcas de instituciones públicas, rectores y demás autoridades usan Facebook para comunicados oficiales, lo legitiman como medio.

¿Es culpa del público general creer que lo que aparece en FB es veraz? No. La culpa es de quienes lo legitiman como medio.

CFP: #DH2019, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 9-12 July 2019. Paper/poster deadline 27 November 2018, workshop/tutorial deadline 10 January 2019.

It looks like noone is tooting about , but I'm here!

Foucault's pendulum at Radboud University shows that the earth turns without the need to study the stars and planets...

You might expect this guy in Rotterdam, but hey, his fame traveled much further than Nijmegen

Call for journal papers: Our Special Issue on “Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval” to appear in the Scientometrics journal w/ Guillaume Cabanac and Philipp Mayr as Guest Editors. Deadline 📝: end of September 2019 #scientometrics #IR

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