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Niels Niessen in de Volkskrant:
"De redenering van veel universiteiten tijdens de eerste lockdown was: het onderwijs en tentamens moeten zo normaal mogelijk doorgang vinden. De redenering had ook kunnen zijn: als universiteit willen we allereerst een sociaal veilige omgeving creëren. Studenten thuis surveilleren hoort daar niet bij."

An NWO PhD grant programme aimed at Dutch master's graduates with a non-western migration background:

Outcome of the polls at yesterday's Open Access and Information Retrieval Panel: 98% of the audience thinks #ECIR2021 should move its proceedings to open access.

Ahmed Awadallah is the recipient of the award and the #ECIR2021 keynote: "Learning with Limited Labels"

Jochen Leidner introduces the winner of the Karen Spärck-Jones award, specifically mentioning Karen's achievements in both IR and NLP, #ECIR2021

We need to discuss open access! Please join the #ECIR2021 Panel on Open Access and Information Retrieval, tomorrow at 9:00 UTC+2.

Just started your study program, and feeling lonely? Frisse Gedachtes is a free platform where you can chat anonymously with psychology students or experience experts.

Over 400 professors and employees of Wageningen University are calling on pension fund ABP to stop investing in large Brazilian meat companies, which play a major role in Amazon deforestation.

Real time bidding? You mean advertisement search using all your personal data as the query!

Is it me, or is Element @matrix still unusable for normal people? The app asks me to verify with only one option: "Overslaan" (English: "Skip")

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