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The 5th International Conference on Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria

Course material for Human-Centered Machine Learning, a course taught by Dong Nguyen at Utrecht University

The World Data League is an "international non-profit competition that gathers the best minds in the Data Science field to develop long-lasting solutions for social impact challenges"

We're hiring: A PhD Candidate for Software Correctness. The work will target high-level programming languages that are "only" strings in your host language, such as SQL and regular expressions. #Vacancy

Whyyyyyyyy??? (#Brightspace added a "more" button, so I have to do one extra click for each and every student assignment)

Ada Lovelace, Margaret Hamilton, and Franciska de Jong (Alice & Eve exhibition Women in Computer Science)

History of the Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop #DIR at LIACS:

DIR 2021½, the Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop will be on-line for 4 weeks in a row:

De handleiding Privacyvriendelijk instellen van Google Analytics van de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens is aangepast: "Let op: gebruik Google Analytics mogelijk binnenkort niet toegestaan". #NoGA

Prolific is a crowd sourcing platform that focuses on research and high quality results. Seems a better fit to, for instance, interactive search experiments than Amazon's Mechanical Turk or FigureEight:

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