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ACM charges 15 dollar for reading Diane Kelly's one page #ICTIR2019 keynote abstract. It even charges me, a "professional member" 10 dollar... 😞

Merry Christmas from Infomation Modelling and Databases!!

3rd annual ACM FAT Conference on fairness, accountability, and transparency is chaired by Carlos Castillo and
Mireille Hildebrandt

Hosein Azarbonyad presents approaches for transferring a model for Commitment Detection in Email from one domain to another. #DIR2019

Nice idea by Rennings, Moraes, and Hauff: axiomatic datasets constructed specifically to measure what axioms (neural) models adhere to: #DIR2019

Dietmar Jannach asks the right questions: what should we really measure when researching recommender systems? More Kaggle-style leaderboard chasing? #DIR2019

Milan Petkovic awards the Philips MSc thesis award for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare to Jan Trienes. Congrats @jantrienes !

"Discrimination, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Decision-Making" writen by Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius for the Anti-discrimination Department of the Council of Europe.

I wonder how many publications that are eligible for free #OpenAaccess in the Springer Compact agreement (with Austria, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Sweden, UK and MPI in Germancy ) are ACTUALLY open access... Anyone keeping scores?

I am shocked by the death of former colleague Arjen Hoekstra who I met at the climate strike of 27 September. Arjen did really important and influential research on water management, and recently received an ERC advanced grant.

The #Nanquanu Institute does R&D into collective intelligence systems for a more creative, ecologically balanced and fair society.

Jaap Kamps from his ivory tower: Neural reranking is like using a T-Ford for most of the traveling, and a Ferrari for the last mile... Goal: Ferrari all the way; Means: make models sparse. #SIKS

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