We extended the deadline for FDIA 2019 submissions to May 24 - easychair.org/cfp/FDIA2019.

Call for nominations: Microsoft BCS/BCS IRSG Karen Spärck Jones Award - An Award to Commemorate Karen Spärck Jones irsg.bcs.org/ksjaward.php

We have polls!
(Is that Nice, Head, Nape or Whatever?)

I really like this vote help system for the upcoming EU elections! It's created by Jan Willem Tulp: 2019vote.eu/

Get an overview of what each of the parties opinion is on 22 statements. Where do they differ, where are they the same, which combinations you would support are supported by these parties, etc.

Beaten by bureaucracy: Just talked to a student whose MSc thesis proposal was denied by the "office for educational affairs" because the thesis supervisor, Joost Kok, was not on the official list of examiners. KOK IS THE FREAKING DEAN!! The student said it took one month for this to be resolved.... 😞

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