Notebook 6 for Foundations of Information Retrieval is now on-line.

@hiemstra Hey mister, I have modified the function "make_trec_run2" in FIR06 (i think doc_type is not "property" but "doc" and index="genomics").
However I still have weird result when I run print_trec_eval, everything is at 0.0 except 'mean num_retrieved' (at 100) (look at the picture below).
Do you think there is still a problem in "make_trec_run2" (more likely because print_trec_run2 did not work with the first analyzer which is right) or the problem is from my analyzer ?
Thank you for all

@samybenslimane Thanks for catching this: We updated "make_trec_run2" in Notebook 6, and we added on Canvas. I cannot see from here what is wrong with your run.

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