Mastodon U. Twente now has a profile directory at:

You can opt-in for the directory under "settings" -> "edit profile". Opting in will make it easy for fellow-students/employees/alumni to find your :mastodon: :utwente: profile.

BTW, profiles are sorted by "time since last active", so with this toot I am the top user. 😁

@sandyman Hmm, yes that's a pretty stupid requirement. I think follower counts are overrated and they make people behave in bad ways (buying Twitter followers is big business). There is no option to remove the requirement in the admin setting, but maybe I can find it in the source)

@hiemstra requires at least 10 followers - that, and your account should not have been moved, I think :donkey:

@arjenpdevries Changing the "account should not have been moved" is not that trivial...

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