Our university does not have an ambitious climate agenda. A common approach among universities is lacking. With this letter, we call upon university management to develop and implement policies to drastically reduce the universities' carbon emissions.


Frankly speaking, the policies that this letter calls for should not be controversial at all.
Universities have a moral duty to work on the big problems of the world, and a duty to advance approaches that may solve these problems. In fact, :utwente: can build a campus that is CO2 neutral now. Let me give a few examples.

Let's build, on campus, the state-of-the-art wind mills that use generators developed at the University of Twente. The superconductors developed by Marc Dhallé and colleagues replace the heavy magnets inside a generators of conventional wind mills. As a result, the weight and size of the new generator is significantly reduced while at the same time, it is capable of delivering the same output power. Another advantage is the minimal use of rare earth metals.

@vfrmedia @hiemstra
"Compact cryocoolers turn around with the rotor, cooling it to minus 240 degrees Celsius."

But how much energy does this cooling siphon off and what is the exact nature of the superconducting tape?


@gemlog @vfrmedia I am a computer scientist, so I am full of the same questions. But they already have a fully functioning wind mill in Denmark, so apparently it works.

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