Finally, services like search engines may be harmful, however well-intended and well-implemented. I find this hard to say as an Information Retrieval researcher, but search is easily manipulated, and you might not want powerful search in some applications. Boyd's concept of 'data voids' is really insightful. Maybe we should teach students about search engine optimization in our courses too...

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Resit Foundations of Information Retrieval 

Students that plan to do the resit for Foundations of Information Retrieval, please note that you will have to: 1) Submit your prepared presentation before 22 January; 2) Be present at the resit final presentations meeting on 23 January at 8:45h. and 3) Submit your essay before 29 January. Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.

Foundations of Information Retrieval course evaluation 

Thanks everybody for filling in the questionnaire for the evaluation of the course Foundations of Information Retrieval. You can find the aggregate results on Canvas.

PhD positions on search bots and privacy-preserving information retrieval at Georgetown University.

Ludo Waltman discusses Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Pubmed, Pubmed Central, Semantic Scolar, etc. for scientific IR. :pubmed:

Really useful! @Claudia Hauff's blog post about the 30 EMNLP 2018 papers most relevant to Information Retrieval.

Foundation of Information Retrieval prizes for the three best TREC Genomics runs. 🎖️

Foundations of Information Retrieval . The following students will present: Jeroen Waterink, Jesse van Wieren, Mylan Heijink, Bram Theodorus, Thibault Douzon, Denisa Licu, Xiaowen Song, Max Vasterd

Foundation of Information Retrieval 

Notebook 6 contains an error that refers to the "dimensions" of the data. ("dimensions" refers to product data -- the size of products -- that we planned to use before we changed to TREC Genomics). We should have changed "dimensions" to some unique feature of the TREC data, for instance its use of MeSH terms.

Foundations of Information Retrieval 

Your presentation and essay should describe the work you did to improve the quality of MedLine search using the TREC Genomics data, i.e., the work you did in the notebooks, mostly Notebook 6.

Foundations of Information Retrieval 

All students will receive a mail, next Monday the 22nd of October, with a request to evaluate the course by filling out a digital questionnaire with a limited number of short questions. Please fill out the questionnaire, so we can improve the course for next year.

TextPipe is a Python package for converting raw text in to clean, readable text and extracting metadata from that text. Developed by RTL News & others (guest lecture Daan Odijk )

Daan Odijk from RTL news will give a guest lecture on how RTL and Videoland use personalisation and search. On Wednesday 17 October at 10:45h. in NH-115.

Foundation of Information Retrieval 

Notebook 6 is updated on Canvas.

The web for classroom
is a crawl and search engine for the web that is hand checked by teachers for relevance to children. Each page is assigned a reading level. There is no distraction from commercial, social or entertainment platforms. (guest lecture by Thijs Westerveld of WizeNoze)

Foundations of Information Retrieval 

We updated Notebook 6 on Canvas, and added a help file ''.

Notebook 6 for Foundations of Information Retrieval is now on-line.

On Wednesday 10 October, Thijs Westerveld from WizeNoze will give a guest lecture on how WizeNoze uses Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Search to make the internet more accessible to children and less literate people. Join at 10:45h. in room RA-2504.

Foundations of Information Retrieval 

: the server is temporarily down

Foundations of Information Retrieval #tip 

If you update the library for Notebook 5, restart the notebook: Otherwise, the changes will not be seen by Python.

Advanced tip: Force reload by using:

import importlib

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