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#FIR: Foundation of Information Retrieval important announcement 

Foundations of Information Retrieval #FIR 

For the Foundations of Information Rerieval assignments: If you run Win10 Home edition, you might have to install the Win 10 upgrade "Education" to run docker. The upgrade is free and available from Surfspot. Let us know if you have any problems installing Docker.

Questions about Foundations of Information Retrieval? Connect to your professors on :mastodon: : @TheoH, @dolf and me (@hiemstra)

The first lecture for Foundations of Information Retrieval is next Wednesday 5 September at 10:45h. in HT 700B. We hope to see you there!

The Canvas pages for :utwente: Foundations of Information Retrieval are now publicly available! :cc:

We'll be using hash tag for the upcoming MSc course Foundations of Information Retrieval.

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