The annotated transformer: An annotated version of the "Attention is all you need" paper with code.

Being adventurous and buying the @PINE64 phone, or maybe the pre-installed /e/OS Galaxy S7 refurbished to be on the save side? #FirstWorldProblems

I haven't checked my inbox since Christmas! Thank you InfoSupport!

#Vacancy We're hiring! (Assistant/Associate) Professor positions in Machine Learning for Data Science:

There is no data than more data seems to apply even to artificial data: Just generate training data from models like GPT. I wonder if we can apply this to (standard) search tasks too.

It turns out that Google is now using Chrome to track its users(!)

DNT: 1

I signed the petition to allow remote paper & poster presentations at scientific conferences, in particular machine learning and data science conferences.

CLIN 30 keynote by Joakim Nivre : From Universal Dependencies to Sesame Street 🙂

We, computer Scientists should be less focused on conference publications... Good opinion piece by Moshe Vardi !

I did the first Data Science coffee talk in a very long time, discussing the usage of word piece models by BERT:

ACM charges 15 dollar for reading Diane Kelly's one page #ICTIR2019 keynote abstract. It even charges me, a "professional member" 10 dollar... 😞

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