I used "trendyy", an interesting R package for querying Google Trends, to obtain and visualize the search popularity of Dutch universities over the past few years.
The results were not exactly what I expected to be!🤔

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@hiemstra @Erik @imuhammad You included University of Twente only? Then I understand the results. University of Twente is not used very often. TU Delft only has one search term. For us, the traffic is spread across three search terms. UTwente, University of Twente and Universiteit Twente. 80% of our traffic originates from NL and they are most likely to use UTwente or Universiteit Twente.

@Heining @hiemstra @imuhammad Aah, I don't know. Could you include 3 alternatives for each university @imuhammad ?

@Erik @Heining @hiemstra

I did another experiment with different alternatives for each university:
1- Full names of each university in English in the whole world
2 - Full names of each university in Dutch in the Netherlands
3 - Abbreviated names of each university in the Netherlands

As Anne suggested in the Netherlands the term UTwente is used more often in search engines. However, globally "UTwente" is relatively searched less than UVA and somehow TU Delft.

@imuhammad @Heining @hiemstra

Cool :) last question, do you also have a chart with absolute data? Now all you can do is relative comparison to the other universities, but I would be interested in the actual numbers :)

@Erik @Heining @hiemstra
Distribution of search frequencies for"UTwente" in the Netherlands.
It seems that UT has no presence in the west of the Netherlands :)

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