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"The fundamental question that we are addressing here is
if there are fewer Wikipedia entries about female scientists
because few women enter the sciences, or because they
are less likely to contribute groundbreaking research, or do
they face additional hurdles in attaining public recognition for
their work for the same level of achievement?"

- "Female scholars need to achieve more for equal
public recognition"

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El presidente de Ecuador representa hoy una vergüenza para Latinoamérica entera

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I really missed looking at the mountains. ow I can enjoy watching them again and to be honest I am fascinated by their beauty much more than before!

The normal Twitter's API only retrieves about 1% of all available tweets. Although you can retrieve the whole Twitter's timeline with with a special Twitter's API called Firehose, but it is super expensive and only available to a few companies. In this document, Jason Baumgartner mathematically shows the feasibility of reconstructing 99% of Firehose. He also urges the researchers to join forces and collect Twitter's data and make that data available to all researchers.

After watching another match at De Drolsch Veste, It still remains a very difficult thing for me to fully support FC TWENTE! 😅

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I had to add a vector image of a CNN model to my poster last week and this repository which has some amazing Latex codes for drawing CNNs saved quite a bit of my time:

Google Colab is a free jupyter notebook cloud service that provides free GPU in your google drive.It is very handy, specially when you don't have access to a decent computational environment. I'v been using it for more than a year and it kind of feels good to use google resources for free when they use my data for free :). But, I was a bit shocked when I realized that almost nobody in our group has never used or heard about it. This links explain how you can use Colab:

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Complexity Explorables
has a very amazing collection of interactive visualizations that can model how some complex systems in different domains such as biology and social science work:

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Keep up to date with current research in a.o. machine learning by reading summaries on:

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