News: [Lustrum Committee 2021] Lustrum theme announced! - The theme for next year's lustrum has been announced!

New educational activity: [University of Twente] 22-06-2020 - Elections faculty and university council @ Online

New educational activity: [University of Twente] 22-06-2020 - Verkiezingen faculteits- en universiteitsraad @ Online

News: [Candidate Board '20-'21] Yearbook committee: Members wanted! - For the upcoming year, the candidate board is looking into setting up a yearbook committee.

New activity: [Gaming Committee] 15-06-2020 - Minecraft Ultra Hardcore: Woodland Mansion edition @

News: [Education Committee] Educational Bouquet Q3 - To thank all teachers for their hard work in quickly switching to online education, the teachers of Q3 have all been awarded an educational bouquet!

News: [Bestuur] Symposium committee 2020! - The Symposium committee of study year 2020/2021 has been announced!

New activity: [Bestuur] 11-06-2020 - Discussion Moment: Corona and Inter-/Actief/ in 2020/2021 @ Online (TBD)

New activity: [Candidate Board '20-'21] 18-05-2020 - Candidate Board: Good Idea Drink @ Discord

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