"Identifying Unclear Questions in Community Question Answering Websites" by @jantrienes and Krisztian Balog accepted as full paper at the European Conference on Information Retrieval.

The Mastodon API has a new endpoint for retrieving follow recommendations based on triadic closures.


Hi, we generate personalized follow-recommendations for you.

Sounds interesting? Then follow this account and you will receive a set of users that you might find interesting, very shortly.

Our selection for the paper presentation:

Wang, Tianyi, et al. "Understanding Graph Sampling Algorithms for Social Network Analysis" (2011).


Some discussion material for the progress meeting:

I crawled the topology of :mastodon: :utwente:. Red nodes are users from other instances. Edges indicate a follow relation. This is all the data we can get from our API. Will it suffice for a "whom to follow" recommender, or do we need to crawl other instances?

Interestingly, @hiemstra is the centre of our fediverse.

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