@hiemstra Is it possible to reserve the following name for our recommender: 'WhoToFollow', if that one is available? Otherwise, 'WhoToFollowBot' would also suffice. Thank you in advance!


@BeerendGerats How do you plan to deliver the recommendations? We noticed that when you send private messages containing a list of recommendations in form of mentions, all mentioned users receive that message which is of course not really useful.

@jantrienes @BeerendGerats I missed this (no hash tag ). Good point! What about delivering suggestions as follows:

noagendasocial.com/@adam (Adam Curry)

mastodon.social/@Gargron (Eugen)


This way, you can also suggest accounts that are unknown by the user's instance, and they will see all the toots/followers, etc. of the suggested account.

@hiemstra @jantrienes @BeerendGerats

I think it does make sense!

The source message of this thread would have been recommended #REDI 🤣 (ok not really rolling)

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