@Couka thanks for the follow! Who do you main in Smash Bros?

I woke up at 5:30 yesterday and I’m still reeling from it. I hope I won’t get sick :(

Being in your 30s sucks!

What do people do for longer toots here? I have a recipe that is about 1000 characters so it doesn’t fit.

Maybe the federated system is a solution that works. I’m not sure but I remember the old internet of small forums, irc servers, and random websites, and it was better than what we have now in a lot of ways.

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I thought a little bit about why Elon Musk buying Twitter makes me so uncomfortable.

The issue of what is acceptable speech on social media is an important one and it’s one we all have to make together, as users and employees of social media companies, and as citizens of our countries.

The fact that the richest man on Earth can have such a big push on this issue by simply opening his wallet does not sit right with me as a regular person.

Welcome to my new followers 😍. I’ve followed a bunch of people back because your accounts seem super cool.

hi everyone, I’m Marissa!

I like lots of different things like trains, socialism, making music, cooking. I’m also a huge Swiftie ( fan) and besides her I also like , , and .

During the day I am a software engineer, I’m pretty decent at and (React).

Follow me if you like PHP and/or Taylor Swift.

I’m so happy people are actually using Mastodon today.

Mastodon U. Twente (will close in july 2022)

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