Finding out on date #1 that you're not compatible/into each other is so much better than on date #2 if you've taking a liking to someone. 😞

Maybe that's because on date #3 you've kinda admitted to each other (implicitly) that the liking is mutual but on date #1 you might not be entirely sure?

In other words, date #2 is the go/no go decision if there was any doubt during date #1.

Haven't dated in a long time, hence the pondering. Also, I'm dating in another country... What are expectations?

Nice, but I think the future (foreseeable) is ARM64. Could be wishful thinking, of course. 😂

Hey, why did Tootle just “paste from Safari“???? I don’t like that one bit!

Can someone else on iOS14 confirm this behaviour? Boost of this toot appreciated.

It’s sad but Trump is going to be president for another four years. Because the US are a shite storm.

Installed Pi-hole (finally). Almost 1/3 of the queries blocked (541/1,446) in minutes.

Made a donation pretty much right away.

Installing it on a Pi was child’s play. A+. Would recommend. 😁

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A dating app asked about my pet peeve. I couldn’t choose.

This could be a podcast... 😏

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US wants to ban TikTok because of possible (probable?) Chinese surveillance.

They’re fine with Facebook, though, because it’s them doing the surveillance.

“Social media”... Fuck that.

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Please. Let me identify myself with my PGP key on mastodon. Then the system can automatically help my followers find me when I change instances.

please boost my tooooot!

#mastodon #dev #hassle

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Guys, am I the only one who didn't know about #Twitter lending all of users' data to #Google?

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The web scam known as Brave browser gets caught, again, doing shady stuff. This time they stuff their affiliate links/code into your searches and URLs so that Brave makes money each time you visit certain sites.

People need to stop using Brave. It's a bad faith actor in the browser market. At this point even Chrome would be preferable.

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And like puppets they all dance, dance, dance to the mastermind Engelbert Humperdinck and his Ten Guitars.

The Napoleon of Rhyme.

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*nix: everything is a file!

phone os built on *nix: lol wtf is a file

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It’s not new, but I think about the solar powered website build a lot. The optimizations there are great even if you’re not going solar all the way.

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What binaries does a Mastodon install depend on that prevents it from being installed on a Raspberry Pi 4B (Ubuntu 19.10, linux-arm64)?

I made some changes to the official Dockerfile in order to use linux-arm64 sources, everything worked (well, built) until I tried to run `docker-compose up`.

It complains about 'exec user process caused "exec format error",' which I believe is due to wrong binary (e.g., compiled for amd64)? It's coming from 'standard_init_linux.go'.

Hm... Go... 🤔

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