This is how you create drug pushers (criminal or corporate), or ideological shills, or other promoters of societal evil. It's why poverty is perpetuating:

> John Kapoor insisted that Insys hire sales representatives who were “PHD” — “poor, hungry, driven” or “poor, hungry, dumb”— Alec Burlakoff told the FT and Frontline.

This goes far beyond one criminal opiod manufacturer.

#Poverty #Ignorance #Morality #Insys #Opiods


Storytime: back at uni, my first-year econ prof was (I realised only decades later) a raging Libertarian ideologue.

Mind, it was obvious from what he presented, and how, in lectures -- Friedman's "Free to Choose", dumping on Keynes, renewable energy, and the like.

But if you're a dumb kid just learning economics and thinking, in error, that it's actually a science rather than a theology, that's going to go over your head.

It's something I see far more clearly now.

He died recently.



@dredmorbius Many things start to make sense when you realise economics isn’t a science.

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@sandyman Quite.

It's a bit like alchemy:

There are bits that are useful.
There are bits that aren't.
It's based on highly-motivated reasoning.
It may yet result in a true science.

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